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Fluenta DITA Translation Manager

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Fluenta is an open source tool designed to simplify the translation and localization of DITA projects combining two open standards from OASIS: DITA and XLIFF.

Fluenta implements the workflow described in the article Use XLIFF to Translate DITA Projects, making it easy to manage the translation side of your DITA projects according to the procedure recommended by the OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee (see the official TC publication, available in PDF at OASIS and in HTML format at


Fluenta is available in two modes:

  • Source Code
  • Yearly Subscriptions for installers and support

Source Code

Source code of Fluenta is free. Anyone can download the source code, compile, modify and use it at no cost in compliance with the accompanying license terms.

You can subscribe to Maxprograms Support at and request peer assistance for the source code version there.


Ready to use installers and technical support for Fluenta are available as yearly subscriptions at Maxprograms Online Store.

The version of Fluenta included in the official installers from Fluenta's Home Page can be used at no cost for 30 days requesting a free Evaluation Key.

Subscription version includes unlimited email support at

Differences sumary

Differences From Source Code Subscription Based
Ready To Use Installers No Yes
Notarized macOS launcher No Yes
Signed launcher and installer for Windows No Yes
Restricted Features None None
Technical Support Peer support at - Direct email at
- Peer support at


Ready to use installers are available at

Building Yourself

You need JAVA 17 and Apache Ant 1.10.12 or newer

  • Checkout this repository
  • Point your JAVA_HOME variable to JDK 17
  • Copy the appropriate version of swt.jar from SWT folder to jars folder
  • Run ant to compile the source code

Use fluenta.bat, or to run Fluenta.