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SSML compatibility tables

This project allows voice designers and developers to understand how SSML is implemented across various voice services including:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Microsoft Cortana
  • Amazon Polly
  • IBM Watson

It helps answer the questions:

  • How well does a service match the SSML standards?
  • Which non-standard extensions do they use?
  • Which elements are values do I need to be concerned about when doing TTS for various services?

Making change to the webpage

The webpage is hosted via GitHub.

The build.js file:

  1. aggregates the data from the /data folder
  2. uses index.pug to generate index.html

When a change is made to index.pug or a data file, then run:

$ node build.js

The data files:

  • platforms.json - The columns that will be shown (determines display order). Adding an entry to this file requires adding a file under the /data/platforms folder.
  • groups.json - The groupings of specs (determines display order). Adding an entry to this file requires a section to be added the specs.json file and any file under /data/platforms the has values in that group.
  • specs.json - The rows that will be shown inside a group (determines display order). The keys in this file are separated by the character not the greater than > character and form the hierarchy shown in the table. The value is a code snippet to display.
  • /data/platforms/*.json files - This file needs to show only those groups that have specs for the specific platform. For example, the google-home.json file will not have an AMZ-EXT group because it doesn't apply. If a give spec is missing from this file, then the corresponding space in the grid will be blank/white. If the value is true, it will show as green. If the value is false, it will show red. If the value is a text value, it will show the text with a gray background.


  • Mark Tucker

There are still a lot of white space in the grid. Come join the project and get added to the contributor's list.

A special thanks to William Kapke and his node-compat-table project which gave me the idea for this project.

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