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The Open Source Smash Tournament 1v1 randomizer with customizable "versus" voice implementer!


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A simple Python script that, given a list of player names, outputs a random pairing of them (representing two players who will fight) and creates .wav files for each pairing. The .wav files contain a text-to-speech reading of the first player's name, followed by a customizable phrase (say, a classic "VERSUS" line?) and ends with the second player's name.

smash-tourney accepts a versus.wav file in your working directory. This is used to customize the sound used in the end result. Previously, I had included the file in this repository, but I'm not quite sure I'm allowed to do that. Instead, I'll link to The Sounds Resource, where you can find Smash Bros announcer voice samples. Make sure the file is called versus.wav inside your working directory!

How to use

Intended for use with Python >= 3.6.

smash-tourney depends on two external libraries: pydub to handle audio files and gTTS to interface with Google's text-to-speech API.

You can install smash-tourney using pip!

$ pip install smash-tourney

Next, you'll need to create a file with line-separated names for the players who will be participating the the tourney.

You're ready to run the script! Suppose the file with the player names is called names.txt in the current directory. Then simply run:

$ smash-tourney names.txt


smash-tourney will create a folder called tourney in its working directory, where it will store the created .wav files for convenience.


The Open Source Smash Tournament 1v1 randomizer with customizable "versus" voice implementer!








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