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What is it?

A client API for Facebook, and some sparse documentation.


Use Leiningen (or ant).

What is supported?


Currently, requesting tokens, maintaining and incrementing session properties, performing requests, and cleaning up Facebook responses. For example:

(use 'com.twinql.clojure.facebook.util)        ; For (last-day).
(use 'com.twinql.clojure.facebook.sessions)
(use 'com.twinql.clojure.facebook.sessionless)
(with-new-fb-session []
  (admin-get-allocation "notifications_per_day"))

(with-new-fb-session []
  (admin-get-metrics ["active_users"] (last-day)))
[{:active_users 0, :end_time "1247986800"}]

Bad requests will throw an exception (currently with a descriptive message but no useful programmatic attributes).

Facebook API calls have required arguments (which appear directly in the arglist), and optional arguments (which are encoded as keyword arguments). These are included in the docstring for each function. For example:

user=> (doc feed-publish-user-action)    
([template-bundle-id template-data & args627])
  Publishes a story on behalf of the user owning the session, using the
   specified template bundle. By default, this method can publish one line
   stories to the user's Wall only.
Keyword arguments:

Facebook applications authenticate themselves with an API key and a secret key.

clj-facebook expects these to either live in com.twinql.clojure.facebook.sessions/*secret* and com.twinql.clojure.facebook.sessions/*api-key* (you can use alter-var-root for this), or for *secret* to be be bound by with-secret-key and the API key to be passed in to new-session or the argument list of with-new-fb-session. For example:

(use 'com.twinql.clojure.facebook.sessions)

;; Per-thread-binding.
(with-secret-key "my-secret-key"
  (with-new-fb-session ["my-api-key"]
    ;; Do stuff here.

;; ... or permanently set the var root:
(alter-var-root (var *api-key*)
  (constantly "my-api-key"))

(alter-var-root (var *secret*)
  (constantly "my-secret-key"))

The reason for the discrepancy is that the API key is used once to construct the session (stored in *session*: you must increment it after each request by calling fetch-session), whilst the secret is used for signing each request.

You should define suitable macros to simplify your code in the most suitable way for how you use the Facebook API.


On the server side, some utilities are provided to aid in the development of (primarily iframe) applications: processing known Facebook request parameters; verifying signatures; generating Facebook login URLs, etc.

These are demonstrated by the test application in test.clj.

Implemented API

Each Facebook API call translates into a Clojure function. See the translations below.

Use doc to see the arguments and description.


  • admin.banUsers: admin-ban-users

  • admin.getAllocation: admin-get-allocation

  • admin.getAppProperties: admin-get-app-properties

  • admin.getBannedUsers: admin-get-banned-users

  • admin.getMetrics: admin-get-metrics

  • admin.getRestrictionInfo: admin-get-restriction-info

  • admin.setAppProperties: admin-set-app-properties

  • admin.setRestrictionInfo: admin-set-restriction-info

  • admin.unbanUsers: admin-unban-users

  • auth.createToken: as the function com.twinql.clojure.facebook.auth/create-token.

  • application.getPublicInfo

  • auth.getSession

  • auth.revokeAuthorization

  • auth.revokeExtendedPermission

  • profile.getInfoOptions

  • profile.setInfo

  • profile.setInfoOptions

  • users.getStandardInfo

Session required

  • auth.expireSession: auth-expire-session
  • auth.getSignedPublicSessionData: auth-get-signed-public-session-data
  • auth.promoteSession: auth-promote-session
  • connect.getUnconnectedFriendsCount: connect-get-unconnected-friends-count
  • events.rsvp: events-rsvp
  • feed.publishUserAction: feed-publish-user-action
  • friends.areFriends: friends-are-friends
  • groups.get: groups-get
  • groups.getMembers: groups-get-members
  • status.get: status-get
  • notifications.getList: notifications-get-list
  • notifications.markRead: notifications-mark-read
  • users.getLoggedInUser: users-get-logged-in-user
  • users.isVerified: users-is-verified

Session optional

  • fql.multiquery
  • fql.query
  • friends.get
  • friends.getMutualFriends
  • profile.getInfo
  • stream.publish
  • users.hasAppPermission
  • users.isAppUser

Not Implemented


  • batch.run
  • connect.registerUsers
  • connect.unregisterUsers
  • data.getCookies
  • data.setCookie
  • fbml.deleteCustomTags
  • fbml.getCustomTags
  • fbml.refreshImgSrc
  • fbml.refreshRefUrl
  • fbml.registerCustomTags
  • fbml.setRefHandle
  • fbml.uploadNativeStrings
  • feed.deactivateTemplateBundleByID
  • feed.getRegisteredTemplateBundleByID
  • feed.getRegisteredTemplateBundles
  • feed.publishTemplatizedAction
  • feed.registerTemplateBundle
  • intl.getTranslations
  • marketplace.getCategories
  • marketplace.getSubCategories
  • pages.isAppAdded
  • permissions.checkAvailableApiAccess
  • permissions.checkGrantedApiAccess
  • permissions.grantApiAccess
  • permissions.revokeApiAccess

Session required

  • friends.getAppUsers
  • friends.getLists
  • links.get
  • liveMessage.send
  • marketplace.getListings
  • marketplace.search
  • notes.get
  • notifications.get
  • pages.isAdmin
  • pages.isFan
  • photos.get
  • photos.getAlbums
  • photos.getTags
  • stream.get
  • video.getUploadLimits
  • video.upload

Session optional

  • comments.add
  • comments.remove
  • events.cancel
  • events.create
  • events.edit
  • events.get
  • events.getMembers
  • links.post
  • marketplace.createListing
  • marketplace.removeListing
  • message.getThreadsInFolder
  • notes.create
  • notes.delete
  • notes.edit
  • notifications.send
  • notifications.sendEmail
  • pages.getInfo
  • photos.addTag
  • photos.createAlbum
  • photos.upload
  • profile.getFBML
  • profile.setFBML
  • status.set
  • stream.addComment
  • stream.addLike
  • stream.getComments
  • stream.getFilters
  • stream.remove
  • stream.removeComment
  • stream.removeLike
  • users.getInfo
  • users.setStatus


Development funded by LikeStream LLC (Don Jackson and Shirish Andhare), see http://www.likestream.org/opensource.

Developed by Richard Newman. Contributions from Relevance Inc.