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Minimalistic Static-Site Generator (similar to Jekyll) but in JavaScript

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JSekyll - minimalistic Static Site Generator in JavaScript

Contact: Robert Nowotniak <>

I have abandoned this project, and I've decided to move to a different SSG

This tool is a minimalistic Static Site Generator inspired by Jekyll. Thanks to its simplicity it allows to keep all processing under your control. However, only a subset of Jekyll features is supported. Neither it is 100% compatible with original Jekyll.

Implemented features

  • Two run modes: build / serve
  • Serving site locally in dev mode (Express JavaScript lib)
  • MarkDown support with (Marked JS lib)
  • Liquid templates support (LiquidJS)
  • Live Reload (browser-sync)
  • Load data from _data/*.yml
  • Process files selectively
  • Multi-language support
  • Page variables: {{ page.var }}
  • _layouts/ directory
  • _includes/ directory
  • _config.yml configuration file (to liquid vars site.var)
  • Multi-files support
  • Frontmatter support

Example site


$ ./jsekyll.js -s tests/testpage1/ build 

building site tests/testpage1/ -> ./_site
Loading _config.yml and _data/*.yml
  permalink: '/:categories/:year/:title/',
  title: 'My test website',
  email: '',
  layout: 'layout1',
  defaults: [
    { scope: [Object], values: [Object] },
    { scope: [Object], values: [Object] }
  highlighter: 'none',
  kramdown: {
    input: 'GFM',
    highlighter: false,
    syntax_highlighter: false,
    syntax_highlighter_opts: { disable: true }
-> Processing
Yaml: { title: 'Page 2', permalink: '/page2/' }
Writing ./_site//page2//index.html
-> Processing
Yaml: { title: 'debug' }
Writing ./_site/debug/index.html
-> Processing index.html
Yaml: { myval: 5, title: 'My test page' }
html file
Writing ./_site/index.html
-> Processing
Yaml: { title: 'Page 1', permalink: '/page1/' }
Writing ./_site//page1//index.html
-> Processing index-pl.html
Yaml: { title: 'My website - Polish version', permalink: '/pl/' }
Writing ./_site//pl//index.html

Serve and test

$ ./jsekyll.js s -P 5000
serving site

Test site screenshot

TODO perhaps some day in the future

  • themes
  • plugins

Not supported and not planned

Simply because I was never using these in Jekyll:

  • SCSS



Minimalistic Static-Site Generator (similar to Jekyll) but in JavaScript







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