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Cricket API - NodeJS

The Boiler plate using NODEJS, Nunjucks and Memcache to develop a sports App to show cricket Score using Roanuz Cricket API apis

Initial configuration

create a .env file with following data on the root folder

SC_APP_ID = your_app_id
SC_ACCESS_KEY = your_access_key
SC_SECRET_KEY = your_secret_key
SC_DEVICE_ID = your_device_id
SC_PORT = any port default 4000

Follow the simple steps to get Roanuz Cricket API Access Key & Secret Key:

Get Enrolled with Roanuz Cricket API using following Link:

Fill the missing information on My Apps page to get the Access Token for your App. Now you should be able to see the Access key and Secret key in your App Details page mentioned below.

Recent Matches Output

Install Dependencies

npm install to make sure all the packages are installed.

Compile & Run

npm start to compile and run the app

Note: if you enabled memcache, you need to run as memcached as a service


Memcache for Ubuntu: Refer this Link:

Memcache for Mac: Refer this Link:

For more details Check:


http://localhost:4000/ Recent Matches Output


Score Card Output

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