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This page is meant to describe the most common problems with oh-my-zsh and what you can do to diagnose them:

Keyboard shortcut problems


bindkey '^L' clear-screen

Two main things could go wrong:

  1. The key sequence (^L in the example) does not match the key sequence being sent to the terminal:

    You can see the exact sequence a keyboard shortcut sents by pressing CTRL+V and then the keyboard shortcut. For example: CTRL+V, CTRL+L will output ^L (^ represents the Control key).

  2. The command executed (clear-screen in the example) has an error. In that case, post both the key binding and the definition of the command (if exists) like so:

    • key binding: bindkey '^[[1;6D'
      will print "^[[1;6D" insert-cycledleft
    • command definition: which insert-cycledleft
      will print insert-cycledleft () { ... }

      Notice that sometimes the command is a builtin zle widget and so the which command won't work. If that's the case, just post the key binding and we'll figure it out.

Completion problems

Many completion problems, including the infamous command not found: compdef, can be solved by resetting the completion system.

  1. First, try to remove your completion cache with rm ~/.zcompdump*, close and reopen your shells.

  2. If you still have problems, try fully resetting the completion system, as explained by @dragon788.

Other problems

As a last resort, if you're getting weird behavior and can't find the culprit, run the following command to enable debug mode:

zsh -xv &> >(tee ~/omz-debug.log 2>/dev/null)

Afterwards, reproduce the behavior (i.e. if it's a particular command, run it), and when you're done, run exit to stop the debugging session. This will create a omz-debug.log file on your home directory, which you can upload to and link to it on the issue you'll open next.