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Enable the plugins you want by editing your ~/.zshrc file.

plugins=(rails git ruby)

Completion plugins will let zsh know which arguments the package has so it can autocomplete. For instance, if you have the Homebrew plugin installed and type:

brew in

.. and then hit tab, the brew plugin will enable autocompletion to brew install. Completion plugins are not documented further on this page as they only provide better introspection for zsh into the original command. man is your friend.

You should always read the source for the plugin before using it to avoid surprises. Plugins are located in ~/.oh-my-zsh/plugins.

Below is a list of bundled plugins


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Enables aliases to control a local Apache2 installed via Macports.

Command Description
apache2start Start Apache
apache2stop Stop Apache
apache2restart Restart Apache


Maintainer: Benjamin Boudreau

Enabled aliases for pacman (replace pac by ya for yaourt)

Alias Description
pacin Install specific package(s) from the repositories
pacins Install specific package not from the repositories but from a file
pacre Remove the specified package(s), retaining its configuration(s) and required dependencies
pacrem Remove the specified package(s), its configuration(s) and unneeded dependencies
pacrep Display information about a given package in the repositories
pacreps Search for package(s) in the repositories
pacloc Display information about a given package in the local database
paclocs Search for package(s) in the local database
pacupd Update and refresh the local package and ABS databases against repositories
pacupg Update the local database and upgrade packages
pacinsd Install given package(s) as dependencies of another package
pacmir Force refresh of all package lists after updating /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
Function Description
paclist List all installed packages with a short description - Source
paclsorphans List all orphaned packages
pacrmorphans Delete all orphaned packages
pacdisowned | less +F List all disowned files in your system


Maintainer: RobLoach

A plugin for the extendable version manager asdf. See the README for usage information.


Maintainer: wting

Enables autojump if installed with homebrew, macports or debian/ubuntu package.

This does not add any commands on its own.


Maintainer: Gaetan Semet

Completion for the python file formatting (PEP8) tool


Maintainer: Cristian Măgherușan-Stanciu

Activates the ZSH completion plugin shipped together with the aws command-line tool

Alias Description
asp Choose the current AWS credentials profile from those defined in .aws/config, with auto-completion support. Also makes the currently set profile to be shown in the RPROMPT.
agp Print the currently set AWS credentials profile.


Maintainer: miklos-martin

Bower is a package manager for the web. This plugin provides some aliases and completions for this great tool.


Alias Description
bi installs a package (bower install)
bl lists installed packages (bower list)
bs searches for packages (bower search)


It completes the basic commands for bower. It uses the bower help command to achieve this, not a burned-in list of commands. It also provides completion for bower install, uses the output of bower search. It takes a few seconds for the first time (in the session), but then the output of bower search is cached, so things then speed up a lot.

Example: to install jquery for example
bi jq<TAB>


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Homebrew is an OS X package manager

This plugin:

  • creates a brews alias to list installed brews (= brew list -1)
  • adds completion for the brew command.

Note: With the advent of their 1.0 release, Homebrew has decided to bundle the zsh completion as part of the brew installation, so we no longer ship it with the brew plugin; now it only has brew aliases.


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Enables aliases to Bundler.

Alias Description
bcn Bundle clean
be Bundle exec, execute a command in the context of the bundle
bi Bundle install --jobs=
bl Bundle list
bo Bundle open
bout Bundle outdated
bp Bundle package
bu Bundle update

Also creates shell aliases so you don't have to type "bundle exec" before most common ruby commands when you are in a directory with a Gemfile. Here is a list of commands it does this for: annotate cap capify cucumber ey foreman guard heroku middleman nanoc rackup rainbows rails rake rspec ruby shotgun spec spork thin thor unicorn unicorn_rails


Maintainer: telser

  • cabal -- auto-completion for Cabal a build tool for Haskell.


Maintainer: serby

Commands for Cake, the coffee-script build tool.

  • cake -- auto complete for cake tasks


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Commands for Capistrano, a deployment tool built in Ruby.

  • cap -- a few commands for Capistrano, a deployment tool built in Ruby


Maintainer: mcornella

Loads completion from non-standard locations for cask, a project management tool for Emacs.

For more information see the README.


Maintainer: posva

Original repo: catimg.git

Print pictures to the stdout using convert ImageMagick

Example usage catimg image.png options:

  • -h -- print help
  • -w -- select output width
  • -c -- change printed character (default " " without the quotes)


Maintainer: dongweiming

Commands for celery, a distributed task queue.


View worker have those parameter options
celery worker<TAB>


Maintainer webframp

Loads chruby, a simple ruby version manager, if installed, and provides chruby_prompt_info variable for theme use.


  • rubies: list installed rubies or change current ruby

You can manually specify the path to load chruby from using zstyle:

  • zstyle :omz:plugins:chruby path
  • zstyle :omz:plugins:chruby auto

Simple build definition completion is also provided for ruby-build to make installed rubies from source faster.


Maintainers: apjanke maff

Adds Chuck Norris fortune file from Depends on fortune (and cowsay if using chuck_cow) being installed (available via homebrew, apt, ...). Perfectly suitable as MOTD.

Command Description
chuck print random Chuck Norris quote
chuck_cow print quote in cowthink
Example: output of chuck_cow command
Last login: Fri Jan 30 23:12:26 on ttys001
( When Chuck Norris plays Monopoly, it )
( affects the actual world economy.    )
        o   ^__^
         o  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Only for Ubuntu and openSUSE: If a command is not recognized in the $PATH, this will use Ubuntu's command-not-found package to find it or suggest spelling mistakes:

~$ gedit
The program 'gedit' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt-get install gedit
bash: gedit: command not found

The plugin uses the command-not-found package zsh support.


Maintainer: danielcsgomes

Composer autocomplete plugin with useful aliases:

Alias Command
c composer
csu composer self-update
cu composer update
ci composer install
ccp composer create-project
cget (installs composer on the current path)


Maintainer: matthewmccullough

Uploads files and piped contents to the Cloudapp service. Outputs and copies the resultant URL to the clipboard. Uses the cloudapp ruby gem from @holman.


Maintainer: benwilcock

This plugin offers a few simplified aliases for regular users of the Cloud Foundry Cli. Mostly this plugin just adds some simple aliases to save on typing but it also includes a couple of mini functions. Take a look at the table below for details.

Alias Command Description
cfl cf login Login to Cloud Foundry
cft cf target Target the cli at a specific Org/Space in Cloud Foundry
cfa cf apps List all applications in the current Org/Space
cfs cf services List all services in the current Org/Space
cfm cf marketplace List the services available in the Marketplace
cfp cf push Push your application code to Cloud Foundry
cfcs cf create-service Create a service based on a Marketplace offering
cfbs cf bind-service Bind an application to a service you created
cfus cf unbind-service Unbind a service from an application
cfds cf delete-service Delete a service you no longer have bound
cfup cf cups Create a "user-provided-service"
cflg cf logs Tail the logs of an application (requires <APP_NAME>)
cfr cf routes List all the routes in the current Space
cfe cf env Show the environment variables for an application (requires <APP_NAME>)
cfsh cf ssh Attach to a running container (requires an <APP_NAME> etc.)
cfsc cf scale Scale an application (requires an <APP_NAME> etc.)
cfev cf events Show the application events (requires <APP_NAME>)
cfdor cf delete-orphaned-routes Delete routes that are no longer bound to applications
cfbpk cf buildpacks List the available buildpacks
cfdm cf domains List the domains associates with this Cloud Foundry foundation
cfsp cf spaces List all the Spaces in the current Org
cfap cf app Show the details of a deployed application (requires <APP_NAME>)
cfh. export CF_HOME=$PWD/.cf Set the current directory as CF_HOME
cfh~ export CF_HOME=~/.cf Set the user's root directory as CF_HOME
cfhu unset CF_HOME Unsets CF_HOME
cfpm cf push -f Push an application using a manifest (requires <MANIFEST_FILE> location)
cflr cf logs --recent Show the recent logs (requires <APP_NAME>)
cfsrt cf start Start an application (requires <APP_NAME>)
cfstp cf stop Stop an application (requires <APP_NAME>)
cfstg cf restage Restage an application (requires <APP_NAME>)
cfdel cf delete Delete an application (requires <APP_NAME>)
cfsrtall - Start all apps that are currently in the "Stopped" state
cfstpall - Stop all apps that are currently in the "Started" state


Maintainer: jdavis

Completion plugin for CoffeeScript.

For available options, look at the usage or run the command coffee --help.


Maintainer: Gaetan Semet

Collection of useful zsh aliases, not enabled by default since they may change some user defined aliases.

Alias Command
l ls -lFh
la ls -lAFh
lr ls -tRFh
lt ls -ltFh
ll ls -l
ldot ls -ld .*
lS ls -1FSsh
lart ls -1Fcart
lrt ls -1Fcrt
zshrc $EDITOR ~/.zshrc
h history
p (processes for current user)
Alias to place at the end of command:
Alias Command
H | head
T | tail
G | grep
L | less
M | most
LL 2>&1 | less
CA 2>&1 | cat -A
NE 2> /dev/null
NUL > /dev/null 2>&1
P 2>&1| pygmentize -l pytb
  • Interactive mode for rm, cp, mv
  • Completion for the python interpreter


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Completion for human beings. Further documentation needed

See this blog post about compleat


Copies content of a file into clipboard

copyfile index.php


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Completion plugin for cpanminus


Maintainer: robbyrussell

A set of aliases to work with the Debian Advanced Packaging Tool, apt.

This plugin use aptitude if installed, or apt-get if not. You can just set apt_pref='apt-get' to override it.

Alias Description
as [search term] Search for packages
ad Update packages
adg Updgrade packages
ai [packages to install] Install package(s)
ar [package to remove] Remove package
app Apt policy
acs [search term] Search packages in cache
ac Clean apt cache
age [parameters] apt-get [parameters]
api [parameters] aptitude [parameters]
aps [search term] Search with aptitude
afs [search term] Search files in packages
asrc [parameters] apt-get source [parameters]
aac Autoclean
abd Build dependencies
adu Update & (safe)upgrade
afu Update & full-upgrade
ag Upgrade (safe)
ail [list of packages] Install all packages in list
ap Purge
ads Dselect upgrade
dia Install all ./*.deb
di [glob] Install all glob
kclean Remove unused kernel images
allpkgs Print all installed packages
mydeb Create .deb package
apt-list-packages List packages by size
kerndeb Kernel-package building shortcut
apt-copy Creates script to install all current packages on other machine
apt-history Prints apt history


This is a small zle trick that lets you cycle your directory stack left or right using Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right. This is useful when moving back and forth between directories in development environments, and can be thought of as kind of a nondestructive pushd/popd.


Maintainer: jeffwilliams

This plugin allows you to navigate the history of previous current-working-directories using ALT-LEFT and ALT-RIGHT. ALT-LEFT moves back to directories that the user has changed to in the past, and ALT-RIGHT undoes ALT-LEFT. MAC users may alternately use OPT-LEFT and OPT-RIGHT.

Also, navigate directory hierarchy using ALT-UP and ALT-DOWN. (mac keybindings not yet implemented). ALT-UP moves to higher hierarchy (shortcut for 'cd ..'). ALT-DOWN moves into the first directory found in alphabetical order (useful to navigate long empty directories e.g. java packages)

For example, if the shell was started, and the following commands were entered:

cd ~
cd /usr
cd share
cd doc

Then entering ALT-LEFT at the prompt would change directory from /usr/share/doc to /usr/share, then if pressed again to /usr/, then ~. If ALT-RIGHT were pressed the directory would be changed to /usr/ again.

After that, ALT-DOWN will probably go to /usr/bin (depends on your /usr structure), ALT-UP will return to /usr, then ALT-UP will get you to /

Currently the max history size is 30. The navigation should work for xterm, PuTTY xterm mode, GNU screen, and on MAC with alternate keys as mentioned above.

See also: dircycle enables more efficient back/forward navigation by using the built-in directory stack, but lacks the ability to traverse up/down directories (although this is simple to add with a keybinding to cd ..).


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • dirpersist


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Adds completion for django and See for more info.


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Alias Command Description
dnfl dnf list List packages
dnfli dnf list installed List installed packages
dnfgl dnf grouplist List package groups
dnfmc dnf makecache Generate metadata cache
dnfp dnf info Show package information
dnfs dnf search Search package
Use sudo
dnfu sudo dnf upgrade Upgrade package
dnfi sudo dnf install Install package
dnfgi sudo dnf groupinstall Install package group
dnfr sudo dnf remove Remove package
dnfgr sudo dnf groupremove Remove package group
dnfc sudo dnf clean all Clean cache

See the README for more information.


Maintainer: Azaan

  • Auto complete arguments and options for all docker commands.
  • Show containerIDs and Images for tab completion where applicable (screenshots)


Maintainer: fuksito

This is a plugin that helps to encode/decode strings with base64 from the console quickly:

Command Description
encode64 encode string
decode64 decode string
$ encode64 some_string
=> c29tZV9zdHJpbmc=

$ decode64 c29tZV9zdHJpbmc=
=> some_string


** Extract any archive file **

extract abc.tar.gz

** Extract and remove original archive file **

extract -r


Maintainer: santiycr

  • fabric - completion plugin for fabric


  • fbterm - automatically start fbterm when running in /dev/tty*


Maintainer: bitboxer

Command Description
fl [] Opens specified directory or current working directory in


Maintainer: a-b

  • fasd - command-line productivity booster, offers quick access to files and directories, inspired by autojump, z and v


Maintainer: walle

  • gas - completion plugin for the gas gem


Maintainer: Ján Koščo

See the README for more info.


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • gem - completion plugin for the gem command


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Command Description
gpg-agent starts gpg-agent (with ssh support) if not running and includes its environment variables


Maintainers: @Stibbons, @ncanceill

Adds a lot of git aliases and functions for day-to-day git operations. See the README for a list.


Maintainer: felipec

Enables the zsh completion from git.git folks, which is much faster than the official one from zsh. A lot of zsh-specific features are not supported, like descriptions for every argument, but everything the bash completion has, this one does too (as it is using it behind the scenes). Not only it is faster, it should be more robust, and updated regularly to the latest git upstream version.


Maintainer: agrimaldi

git-extras - Support for git-extras completion

Pressing tab after the various commands should autofill authors, branches and tags depending on context.

Command Description
git changelog [-l/--list] populate changelog file with commits since the previous tag
git contrib display author contributions
git count [--all] count commits
git delete-branch delete local and remote branch
git delete-submodule delete submodule
git delete-tag delete local and remote tag
git extras [-v/--version] git-extras
git graft merge commits from source branch to destination branch
git squash merge commits from source branch into the current one as a single commit
git feature [finish] create a feature branch
git refactor [finish] create a refactor branch
git bug [finish] create a bug branch
git summary repository summary
git effort [--above] display effort statistics
git repl read-eval-print-loop
git commits-since list commits since a given date
git release release commit with the given tag
git alias define, search and show aliases
git ignore add patterns to .gitignore
git info show info about the repository
git create-branch create local and remote branch
git fresh-branch create empty local branch
git undo remove the latest commit
git setup setup a git repository
git touch one step creation of new files
git obliterate Completely remove a file from the repository, including past commits and tags
git local-commits list unpushed commits on the local branch


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • git-flow - Support for git-flow completion




Maintainer: wweaver


Maintainer: webmat

  • git-remote-branch - Support for grb completion
grb create branch_name [origin_server]
grb publish branch_name [origin_server]
grb delete branch_name [origin_server]
grb track branch_name [origin_server]
grb rename new_branch_name [origin_server]
grb explain create


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • github - adds autocomplete to the github gem, which is installable via gem install github


Maintainer: matthewmccullough

Adds autocompletion of task names and option switches to command line use of gradle by actually executing gradle tasks in the background and collecting the result.

Caches the result of the task names in a .gradletasknamecache file that is regenerated if the timestamp of the build.gradle file changes.


Maintainer: zachriggle

Adds tab-completion of Grails script names to the command line use of grails. Looks for scripts in the following paths:

  • $GRAILS_HOME/scripts
  • ~/.grails/scripts
  • ./scripts
  • ./plugins/*/scripts


Maintainer: lululau

Adds completion for HTTPie, which is a command line HTTP client, a user-friendly cURL replacement.


Maintainer: r-darwish

Provides a couple of convenient aliases for using the history command to examine your command line history.

Alias Description
h List your command history. Equivalent to using history
hsi When called without an argument you will get help on grep arguments
hsi [search text] Performs a case insensitive grep search on your command history, looking for commands that match the argument provided


Maintainer: tresni

  • Open Jira issues using the command open_jira_issue
Open new issue form in browser
Open issue in browser
jira ABC-123

If you use Rapid Board make sure to add the following to your .zshrc:



Maintainer: bobwilliams

handy command line tools for dealing with json data.

Command Description
pp_json pretty prints json
is_json returns true if valid json; false otherwise
urlencode_json returns a url encoded string for the given json
urldecode_json returns decoded json for the given url encoded string


Maintainer: franklouwers

  • knife - adds autocompletion to knife


Adds kubectl autocompletion and aliases. Usage documentation can be found in the plugin README.


Maintainer: m0nah

Laravel 4 autocomplete plugin!

Alias Description
la4 php artisan
la4dump php artisan dump-autoload
la4cache php artisan cache:clear
la4routes php artisan routes


Maintainer: op

Keeps track of the last used directory and automatically jumps to it for new shells. Similar to how many terminal emulators does it.

Command Description
lwd Jump to last working directory (automatically called for new shells)


Maintainer: robbyrussell


Maintainer: robbyrussell


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • lol - brings lulz to your zsh (based on lolbash)


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • macports - adds "port" command completion and aliases for running macports commands


Maintainers: ptrv, oshybystyi

Alias Description
hgc hg commit
hgb hg branch
hgba hg branches
hgco hg checkout
hgd hg diff
hged hg diffmerge
hgl hg pull -u
hgp hg push
hgs hg status
hgca hg qimport -r tip ; hg qrefresh -e ; hg qfinish tip

Plus it adds mercurial repo info into zsh prompt.

See detailed instructions in plugin README


Maintainer: jorge-d

This plugin adds completion for the meteor command

$ meteor [tab]
$ cd some_random_meteor_project
$ meteor add [tab] # Will list all the available packages
$ meteor remove [tab] # Will all the installed packages


Completion for the Elixir build tool Mix


Maintainer: fred-o

  • mvn - adds command line completion for apache maven


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • mysql - aliases for starting stopping and getting mysql status ( mysqlstart, mysqlstop, mysqlstatus)


Maintainer: josh-

Enhances the Nanoc static site generator with aliases and ZSH autocompletion. Discussed in further detail in this blog post.

Alias Description
n is an alias to nanoc, other commands may be appended to this or on its own it will compile a site.
na starts the autocompiler.
nco compiles a site.
nci creates an item .
ncl creates a layout .
ncs creates a site .
nd deploys a site.
nv starts the adsf server for the current site.
nw starts the watcher.


Adds completion for angular-cli (also called ng). See the README for more information.

Maintainer: @catull


Command Description
node-docs [SECTION] open the node api, for your current version, in your browser.


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • npm - adds autocompletion to npm


Command Description
tab Open the current directory in a new tab
ofd Open the current directory in a Finder window
pfd Return the path of the frontmost Finder window
pfs Return the current Finder selection
cdf cd to the current Finder directory
pushdf pushd to the current Finder directory
quick-look Quick-Look a specified file
man-preview Open a specified man page in Preview app
showfiles Show hidden files
hidefiles Hide the hidden files
itunes Control iTunes. User itunes -h for usage details
spotify Control Spotify and search by artist, album, track and etc.

See the README for more information.

Maintainer: robbyrussell


Maintainer: sanbor

Completion plugin for pass. Source


Maintainer: jimhester

per-directory-history - tracks previous command history both per current directory and globally, with the ability to switch between them on the fly, bound to ctrl-g.


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • perl - useful shortcuts for perlbrew, perldoc, and perl one-liners


Maintainer: Rory Hardy

Plugin to handle some unix filesystem permissions quickly


Maintainer: Gaetan Semet

Completion for the pep8 python coding style (PEP8) check tool


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • phing - auto complete for phing targets.


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • pip - completion plugin for the pip command


Maintainer: chpeer

Completion and aliases for Please


Maintainer: mekanics

  • Completion plugin for CocoaPods
  • You can find the official documentation here


Command Description
kapow helper function to touch tmp/restart.txt, restarting an application in pow.


A simple powify autocomplete plugin. It includes all commands, subcomands, and rack app name autocompletion where needed.


Maintainer: ssm

  • Completion for the pyenv command, which maintains local python installations.
  • Exports a "pyenv_prompt_info()" function for your custom prompt.


Maintainer: Gaetan Semet

Completion for the python file coding style check tool


Maintainer: Gaetan Semet

Completion for the python interpreter


Maintainer: robbyrussell

rails aliases:

Alias Command
rc rails console
rd rails destroy
rdb rails dbconsole
rg rails generate
rgm rails generate migration
rp rails plugin
ru rails runner
rs rails server
rsd rails server --debugger

rake aliases:

Alias Command
rdm rake db:migrate
rdms rake db:migrate:status
rdr rake db:rollback
rdc rake db:create
rds rake db:seed
rdd rake db:drop
rdtc rake db:test:clone
rdtp rake db:test:prepare
rdmtc rake db:migrate db:test:clone
rlc rake log:clear
rn rake notes
rr rake routes


Maintainer: posva

Creates a function quote to display a colored random quote picked from this site


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Completion plugin for redis-cli


Maintainer: Gaetan Semet

Alias Command
rs repo sync
rra repo rebase --auto-stash
rsrra repo sync and repo rebase


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Alias Command
rfind find . -name "*.rb" | xargs grep -n
sgem sudo gem


Command Description
rb18 [GEMSET] shortcut for rvm use ruby-1.8.7-p334@GEMSET (with gemset completion)
rb19 [GEMSET] shortcut for rvm use ruby-1.9.2-p180@GEMSET (with gemset completion)
rubies list installed rubies
gemsets list gemsets for currently active ruby
gems list gems available in currently active gemset Note: This has opinions about colors. It should be re-factored to be customizable in themes.

After rvm-update (alias for rvm get head; rvm reload), run rvm-link-completion to make a symlink to the official zsh completion file that comes with rvm into your oh-my-zsh rvm plugin directory.


Maintainer: mcaserta

  • sbt - completion plugin for SBT
Alias Command
sbc sbt compile
sbco sbt console
sbcq sbt console-quick
sbcl sbt clean
sbcp sbt console-project
sbd sbt doc
sbdc sbt dist:clean
sbdi sbt dist
sbgi sbt gen-idea
sbp sbt publish
sbpl sbt publish-local
sbr sbt run
sbrm sbt run-main
sbu sbt update
sbx sbt test


Maintainer: mcaserta

  • scala - completion plugin for scala and scalac


Maintainer: fred-o

  • screen - automatic setting of window titles and status for GNU Screen


Maintainer: rahulsom

  • sdk - Type completions for SDKMan


Maintainer: ilikenwf

  • sprunge - a basic cli interface to pastebin, which accepts it's input through web requests. Designed for Linux users, sprunge is an easy way to pastebin text without having to actually use a web browser. The oh-my-zsh plugin is based on, author unknown.

You can use sprunge in the following ways:

echo "hello there...testing sprunge"|sprunge
sprunge test.txt
sprunge "hello"

Note that if a filename is misspelled or doesn't have the necessary path description, it will NOT generate an error, but will instead treat it as a text string and upload it.


Maintainer: robbyrussell


Maintainer: dylnhdsn

Command Description
st open a specified file in Sublime Text
stt open the current directory in Sublime Text


Maintainer: dongweiming

  • ESC twice: Puts sudo in front of the current command, or the last one if the command line is empty.


Maintainer: everbird


Maintainer: r-darwish

Alias Command
zin sudo zypper install
zrf sudo zypper refresh
zs zypper search
zup sudo zypper dist-upgrade
zrm sudo zypper remove
zp sudo zypper patch
zps sudo zypper ps


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • svn - adds several functions for dealing with the status of the current directory's svn repo.


  • svn-fast-info - is a faster drop-in replacement of the svn plugin, it brings the same level of functionality using the same API. The speed improvements are especially visible on big SVN repository.


Maintainer: andrewtch

Symfony2 autocomplete plugin; binds to app/console, and not ./console command!

Alias Command
sf php app/console
sfcl php app/console cache:clear
sfroute php app/console router:debug
sfgb php app/console generate:bundle


Maintainer: aelesbao

  • systemd aliases plugin; Add sc-[command] aliases to all systemctl commands, using sudo when needed.


Maintainer: lepht

  • taskwarrior - adds smart tab completion for TaskWarrior. For example, task[tabtab] will give you a list of current tasks, task 66[tabtab] gives a list of available modifications for that task, etc.


Maintainer: OutPunk

  • terminalapp - automatically sets the resume directory, so when restoring windows with OS X Lion's "Resume" feature it will restore the directory too. Note: This plugin is deprecated and the functionality has been folded into core lib/termsupport.zsh which is loaded for all users. If you have a current version of Oh My Zsh, remove this from your $plugins list.


Maintainer: philippbosch

terminitor is a tool that "automates your development workflow setup".

  • terminitor – auto complete for terminitor commands and scripts


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Alias Command
et mate .
ett mate Gemfile app config features lib db public spec test Rakefile Capfile Todo
etp mate app config lib db public spec test vendor/plugins vendor/gems Rakefile Capfile Todo
etts mate app config lib db public script spec test vendor/plugins vendor/gems Rakefile Capfile Todo
mr mate CHANGELOG app config db lib public script spec test
tm [directory] changes to specified directory and executes mate .


Adds aliases for tig. See the README for more information.


Completions for thor


Maintainer: jmatth

Adds several options for effecting the startup behavior of tmux. Each of the options are set by changing the environment variables below in the TOP of your ~/.zshrc file:

  1. ZSH_TMUX_AUTOSTART: Automatically start a tmux session upon logging in. Set to false by default.
  2. ZSH_TMUX_AUTOSTART_ONCE: Only attempt to autostart tmux once. If this is disabled when the previous option is enabled, then tmux will be autostarted every time you source your zsh config files. Set to true by default.
  3. ZSH_TMUX_AUTOCONNECT: When running tmux automatically connect to the currently running tmux session if it exists, otherwise start a new session. Set to true by default.
  4. ZSH_TMUX_AUTOQUIT: Close the terminal session when tmux exits. Set to the value of ZSH_TMUX_AUTOSTART by default.
  5. ZSH_TMUX_FIXTERM: When running tmux, the variable $TERM is supposed to be set to screen or one of its derivatives. This option will set the default-terminal option of tmux to screen-256color if 256 color terminal support is detected, and screen otherwise. The term values it uses can be overridden by changing the ZSH_TMUX_FIXTERM_WITH_256COLOR and ZSH_TMUX_FIXTERM_WITHOUT_256COLOR variables respectively. Set to true by default.

If the user specifies any arguments for tmux then the command is just executed as it was typed it without any modification.


Alias Command
ta tmux attach -t
tad tmux attach -d -t
ts tmux new-session -s
tl tmux list-sessions
tksv tmux kill-server
tkss tmux kill-session -t


Completions for tmuxinator. To enable completions for mux, a shortcut for tmuxinator, add following alias in your zshrc to overwrite the executable:

Alias Command
mux tmuxinator


Maintainer: DimitriSteyaert

  • tugboat - autocompletion for Tugboat commands, the CLI tool to manage your Digital Ocean configuration and droplets.


Adds command line utilities for URL manipulation.

Command Description
urlencode encodes a string so it compiles with the URL character rules laid out in RFC 1738
urldecode decode a string encoded according to the URL character rules in RFC 1738


Maintainer: robbyrussell

  • vagrant - autocompletion for Vagrant commands, task names, box names and built-in handy documentation. All in one place.


Maintainer: robbyrussell

** Read the plugin README file **

  • Increase zsh vi-like functionality


Maintainer: mispy

  • virtualenvwrapper - Loads Python's virtualenvwrapper shell tools, and automatically activates virtualenv on cd into git repository with matching name.


Maintainer: MarsiBarsi

This plugin makes interaction between the command line and the code editor easier.

To start using it, add the vscode plugin to your plugins array in ~/.zshrc:

plugins=(... vscode)

Common aliases:

Alias Command Description
vsc code . Open the current folder in VS code
vsca dir code --add dir Add folder(s) to the last active window
vscd file file code --diff file file Compare two files with each other.
vscg file:line[:char] code --goto file:line[:char] Open a file at the path on the specified line and character position.
vscn code --new-window Force to open a new window.
vscr code --reuse-window Force to open a file or folder in the last active window.
vscw code --wait Wait for the files to be closed before returning.
vscu dir code --user-data-dir dir Specifies the directory that user data is kept in. Can be used to open multiple distinct instances of Code.

Extensions aliases:

Alias Command Description
vsce dir code --extensions-dir dir Set the root path for extensions.
vscie id or vsix-path code --install-extension extension-id> or <extension-vsix-path Installs an extension.
vscue id or vsix-path code --uninstall-extension id or vsix-path Uninstalls an extension.

Other options:

Alias Command Description
vscv code --verbose Print verbose output (implies --wait).
vscl level code --log level Log level to use. Default is 'info'. Allowed values are 'critical', 'error', 'warn', 'info', 'debug', 'trace', 'off'.
vsced code --disable-extensions Disable all installed extensions.


Maintainer: xuhdev

Adds several commands to do web search.

Search for oh-my-zsh on Google:
google oh-my-zsh
Search for "What is GitHub" on Bing:
bing what is github
Search for "foo bar" on DuckDuckGo:
ddg foo bar


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Yarn autocompletion plugin.


Maintainer: IgorTimoshenko

Yii autocompletion plugin.

Alias Command
yiic protected/yiic


Maintainer: ekaragodin

Yii2 autocompletion plugin.


Maintainer: robbyrussell

Enables aliases for Yum, the popular front-end to the RPM Package Manager.

Alias Command Description
ys yum search Search package
yp yum info Show package info
yl yum list List packages
ygl yum grouplist List package groups
yli yum list installed Print all installed packages
ymc yum makecache Rebuilds the yum package list
yu sudo yum update pgrade packages
yi sudo yum install Install package
ygi sudo yum groupinstall Install package group
yr sudo yum remove Remove package
ygr sudo yum groupremove Remove pagage group
yrl sudo yum remove --remove-leaves Remove package and leaves
yc sudo yum clean all Clean cache


Homepage: Zeus project


Maintainer: Bamboo

Alias Command
zi zeus init
zinit zeus init
zs zeus start
ztart zeus start
zc zeus console
zonsole zeus console
zsr zeus server
zerver zeus server
zr zeus rake
zake zeus rake
zg zeus generate
zenerate zeus generate
zrn zeus runner
zunner zeus runner
zcu zeus cucumber
zucumber zeus cucumber
zt zeus test
zest zeus test
zu zeus test test/unit/*
zunits zeus test test/unit/*
zf zeus test test/functional/*
zunctional zeus test test/functional/*
za zeus test test/unit/*; zeus test test/functional/; zeus cucumber
zall zeus test test/unit/*; zeus test test/functional/; zeus cucumber
zsw rm .zeus.sock
zweep rm .zeus.sock


Maintainer: johnjohndoe

Completion plugin for zeus. The describing texts are inspired by the texts given in the documentation of Rails command line tools.*Source


Maintainer: mfaerevaag

wd (warp directory) lets you jump to custom directories in zsh, without using cd. Why? Because cd seems inefficient when the folder is frequently visited or has a long path. Source

Print usage with no opts or the help argument.

Add warp point to current working directory:
wd add test

If a warp point with the same name exists, use add! to overwrite it.

From an other directory, warp to test with:
wd test
You can warp back to previous directory, and so on, with the puncticulation syntax:
wd ..
wd ...

This is a wrapper for the zsh dirs function.

Remove warp point test point:
wd rm test
List warp points to current directory (stored in ~/.warprc):
wd show
List all warp points (stored in ~/.warprc):
wd list


Change directory based on history for example if you previously used

cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/plugins

Then using

z plug

Will move you to ~/.oh-my-zsh/plugins directory

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