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Oh My Zsh comes bundled with plugins, which allow you to take advantage of functionality of many sorts to your shell just by enabling them. They are each documented in the README file in their respective plugins/ folder.

Enable a plugin by adding its name to the plugins array in your .zshrc file (found in the $HOME directory). For example, this enables the rails, git and ruby plugins, in that order:

plugins=(rails git ruby)

NOTE: elements in zsh arrays are separated by whitespace (spaces, tabs, newlines...). DO NOT use commas.



  • boot2docker: the boot2docker project was abandoned in 2020.
  • cargo: moved to the rust plugin.
  • cloudapp: removed due to deprecated API.
  • copydir: functionality moved to copypath plugin.
  • django: removed because Zsh provides a better completion for Django.
  • fedora: use dnf instead.
  • gb: project archived since 2017.
  • git-remote-branch: not actively maintained.
  • go: use golang instead.
  • npx: new npm versions (>=7.0.0) do not provide the same functionality.
  • nyan: the service that the plugin relied on is no longer available.
  • osx: renamed to macos.
  • rustup: moved to the rust plugin.
  • zsh_reload: functionality baked into the CLI with omz reload.