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Repository for the InfoViz 2020 course at the University of Amsterdam
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  • Connect to reddit account to get all followed subreddits using API
  • Calculate the recommended subreddits based on amount of links from followed subreddits
  • Connect topic dataset to list of subreddits
  • Colorcode the recommended subreddits based on topic
  • Allow the user to connect an additional reddit account to create another bubble
  • Merge the two bubbles to show overlapping subreddits of interest between the two users


  • Calculate average sentiment of subreddits based on all links from followed subreddits
  • Use 3d view to show sentiment?

Weekly notes

Week 1

  • Keep readme updated
  • Create issues In issues tab for gjorgi
  • Reddit Data (3D?)

Week 2

  • More personalised than just basic reddit data with 3d scatterplot
  • 3D Neighbourhood/Echo chamber (Following subreddits/Rewards?)

Week 3

  • Loading animation -> Load slowly to links are created
  • Starts with circle loading as user types first name (invisible search bar at start)
  • Divide dataset by topic
  • Use shape for subreddits you don’t know topic for for example
  • Use shape for followed/suggests subreddits
  • Colorcode topic
  • Merge bubbles of other reddit users
  • Allow for additional bubbles to be used

Week 4

  • Good progress
  • Reduce visual clutter
  • Add API functionality
  • Make it fancy (better animations/styling)
  • Work with the links (make them larger the stronger they are)

Week 5

  • Blank screen.
  • Input field, indicating something can be typed.
  • Main subreddits fly in.
  • Enter second name
  • Combine dataset
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