@robertfisk robertfisk released this May 19, 2018

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New features in this release:

  • HID bot detection for mouse and keyboard input
  • Improved compatibility with slightly unusual HID devices
  • Configure mass-storage/mouse/keyboard support at build-time


  • Correctly disconnect from MacOS on mass-storage 'eject' command
  • Don't freak out on suspend event (restarting system in mass-storage mode)

Firmware images attached to this release have the following sha256sums:

259d69bd8d8b035b0c3864b05916bd41783a484ada1d9bf7f1104d1eb8e20174 Downstream_1.0r04.bin
4a60fb414f2eb1d6f805f53f6e4f68c0f3cb168ce0fe118b0e6a2090e0574b53 Downstream_1.0r04.hex
7465265f5f25a8eb7941c18d68bb8815962c40445f1e03dc04de9bb577ac0dfc Upstream_1.0r04.bin
8afedf818c4ba840be6ca304b54d242715c26819f7d1975b0099432fdfbe1f31 Upstream_1.0r04.hex