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Quick Serve

This is a very small little app to statically serve directories over HTTPS without any setup. It will generate self-signed https cert and key on run, by default it will serve the current directory.


Because serving directories over HTTP(s) is often the least painful way to quickly share something on a local network. I use it mostly as a quick and dirty way to stream stuff to my tablets from my main desktop.

I got sick of writing little "serve.go" files that just had

func main() {
        panic(http.ListenAndServe(":8080", http.FileServer(http.Dir("."))))

inside them that I would run with "go run serve.go"


If you don't want to install Go in order to build this yourself, feel free to grab your platform specific binary from the releases section


  • quickserve :: will serve the current directory
  • quickserve -d /some/directory/to/serve -d other/local/directory :: will serve those two directories

Usage of quickserve

  • -a="localhost": The address to serve https on
  • -c="cert.pem": The name of the cert to use or generate
  • -d=[]: List of directories to serve (use multiple -d flags)
  • -k="key.pem": The name of the key to use or generate
  • -n=false: Force generation of new certs
  • -po=443: The port to serve https on


  • Tests
  • Add BasicAuth