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ESP8266 based security sensor for magnet switch or PIR
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Battery security sensor for ESP8266

Can be magnetic reed switch or PIR See schematics for hook up.


  • Actions notification, web, easyIOT reporting
  • WifiManager for initial set up
  • OTA for updates


  • Uses espConfig file on central server
    • Matches against mac address to have different configs


  • ESP8266WiFi
  • ESP8266HTTPClient
  • ESP8266WebServer
  • ESP8266mDNS
  • ESP8266HTTPUpdateServer
  • ArduinoJson // not currently used
  • DNSServer
  • WiFiManager
  • IFTTTMaker.h

Install procedure

  • Change passwords and notification keys in ino to suit
    • WifiManager,OTA, config server
  • Normal arduino esp8266 compile and upload
  • Use WifiManager to config local wifi
  • Edit espConfig to suit and put on central server
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