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Transform Props With

Transform Props With is a functional approach to React component reuse.

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Compose small testable functions to modify props for components.


$ npm install transform-props-with --save

or with Yarn

$ yarn add transform-props-with


import tx from 'transform-props-with'

import BaseComponent from './base-component'

const doubleSize = (oldProps) => {
  const { size, ...props } = oldProps

  return {
    size: size * 2,

const EnhancedComponent = tx(doubleSize)(BaseComponent)

ReactDOM.render(<EnhancedComponent size={100} />, node)
// Would render <BaseComponent size={200} />

See the full API documentation for details.

Merge objects

Pass an object to merge it with provided props automatically.

const EnhancedComponent = tx({ stars: 10 })(BaseComponent)

ReactDOM.render(<EnhancedComponent size={100} />, node)
// Would render <BaseComponent size={100} stars={ 10 } />

Note: this is not a deep merge. It is equal to this transformation:

const setStarsTo10 = (oldProps) => Object.assign({}, oldProps, { stars: 10 })

Multiple transformations

Pass an array of transformations to the function, and they will all be combined to a single transformation left to right.

In the following example, addFive would be applied first, and doubleSize will be called with props returned by it.

const EnhancedComponent =
  tx([ addFive, doubleSize ])(BaseComponent)

Of course, transformations and object merges can be mixed.

const EnhancedComponent =
  tx([ addFive, { stars: 10 }, doubleSize ])(BaseComponent)

Refs to Components

React enables to get references to the DOM elements using ref props, cf. documentation. When passed to an enhanced component this would point to the wrapper. The library will rename __ref to ref so the developer can access the DOM element of the inner component.