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Plugin For x64dbg that adds a discord rich presence to the application


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x64dbg DiscordRPC

A quite simple plugin to display when your using x64dbg and what binary you are debugging on discord. For example image

How to use

Using this plugin is pretty straightforward

  1. Download the x64dbgRPC zip file from the releases tab and extract it
  2. Open the directory where x64dbg is located. It should look like this:


  1. Open the x32 folder and press "plugins" (if plugins folder doesen't exist just create it)
  2. Drag/copy the .dp32 file from the extracted folder to the plugins folder
  3. Repeat the same things as in the steps 3&4 but with the x64 folder & .dp64 extension instead

Now start x64dbg and if you look at discord it should display that you are using x64dbg

How to compile

If you would like to compile yourself then this is how

  1. Open the .sln file with Visual Studio 2019
  2. Change debug to release and change to x86 for x32dbg and to x64 for x64dbg (make sure the project conifiguration type is set to dynamic library (.dll))
  3. Compile!!!
  4. Drag the compiled dll into the plugins folder inside x64dbg and rename the file extension from .dll to .dp32 for x32dbg or .dp64 for x64dbg
  5. Start x64dbg and check discord if it worked :)

More Information

This plugin was tested on a Windows10 x64 bit machine

Why? I didn't find any discord rpc for x64dbg so i decided to make one :)

If you experience any error or have a suggestion please let me know

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