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Getting started with xpcc

Hi there. This is the starting point for using the xpcc microcontroller framework in your project.

We created a couple of simple programs to show-case different parts of xpcc on as many development boards as we could find. You can change the development board for which you want to compile the example for in the project.cfg file. Note that not all examples compile with all boards, so make sure to check the example specific Readme first.

Here is an overview of the examples:

xpcc's API documentation can be found here. There are plenty more examples in xpcc itself.

Get the code

git clone --recursive

The example contains the lastest release of the xpcc framework as a git submodule, a SConstruct file for our build system, a project configuration file and of course the source code.

Your own project

When you create you own project, you need to adapt the xpccpath inside the SConstruct to point to the location of the xpcc framework. Note that this allows you to use different versions of the xpcc frameworks (your own fork?) for your projects.

# path to the xpcc root directory (modify path as needed, but do not rename!)
xpccpath = '../xpcc'
# execute the common SConstruct file
execfile(xpccpath + '/scons/SConstruct')