Release notes

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Release Notes

The distributions are available from the download page or through the Maven central repository.

SwingLibrary 1.9.6

SwingLibrary 1.9.6 adds possibility to set Jemmy timeouts to sub-second values.

SwingLibrary 1.9.5

SwingLibrary 1.9.5 updates some dependencies, most importantly Abbot version to 1.4.0.

SwingLibrary 1.9.4

SwingLibrary 1.9.4 adds possibility to use tooltip text as identifier and also adds parameter source to some table related keywords, which allows to override how text is retrieved from table cells.

ID Priority Summary
Issue 57 Medium Using Tooltiptext as identifier for identifying TextField
Issue 71 Medium add optional parameter source to Get Table Cell Value Keyword

SwingLibrary 1.9.3

SwingLibrary 1.9.3 adds option to call custom methods from component, and fixes a couple of bugs.

ID Priority Summary
Issue 65 Medium add keywords to call methods from custom components
Issue 66 Medium for action don't click combobox if list is already visible
Issue 67 Medium Run keyword in separate thread fails with varargs

SwingLibrary 1.9.2

This version fixes ClassCast exception from custom Boolean Table Cell Renderer.

ID Priority Summary
Issue 59 Medium ClassCastException from Get Table Cell Value when application renders Boolean to text

SwingLibrary 1.9.1

This version fixes incompatibility with RemoteApplications.Take Library Into Use.

ID Priority Summary
Issue 53 Critical RemoteApplications.Take Library Into Use doesn't work with SwingLibrary

SwingLibrary 1.9.0

SwingLibrary 1.9.0 fixes a bug with waiting for idle event queue on an application that generates continuosly new events. This release also makes it again possible to run SwingLibrary with Java 1.5.

ID Priority Summary
Issue 51 Medium Improved support for Java 1.5
Issue 52 Medium Continuous updates to event queue can hang the library

SwingLibrary 1.8.0

SwingLibrary 1.8.0 adds the possibility to change the Jemmy dispatching model and also now the Jemmy outputs are added to Robot logs on DEBUG log level.

ID Priority Summary
Issue 14 Medium Configure underlying jemmy dispatch mode
Issue 49 Medium Add Jemmy logs on Robot log

SwingLibrary 1.7.0

SwingLibrary 1.7.0 allows accessing AWT text components.

ID Priority Summary
Issue 48 Medium Possibility to choose and edit awt text components

SwingLibrary 1.6.0

SwingLibrary 1.6.0 uses the new Javalib Core and now supports optional and default arguments. Keywords have been changed to use these new argument options, but changes should be backwards compatible. 1.6.0 also includes keywords for getting all table values and values from a given row.

ID Priority Summary
Issue 35 Medium Update keyword api to use optional and default arguments
Issue 33 Medium Add new keywords Get Table Row Values and Get Table Values

SwingLibrary 1.5.3

SwingLibrary 1.5.3 adds new keywords to retrieve menu items from popup menu, to list internal frames, and to list open windows. List Components in Context can now also return the formatted version of the component list.

All fixes and enhancements in 1.5.3:

ID Priority Summary
Issue 28 Medium Keyword for retrieving menu items from popup menu
Issue 29 Medium Keyword that returns a list of all Internal Frames opened
Issue 31 Medium Enhance KW ListComponentsInContext to return values as printed in console
Issue 32 Medium List open windows

Altogether 4 issues.

SwingLibrary 1.5.2

SwingLibrary 1.5.2 adds a keyword to get menu items and clarifies the library documentation.

All fixes and enhancements in 1.5.2:

ID Priority Summary
Issue 26 Medium Keyword to get menu items
Issue 27 Medium Cleanup library documentation

Altogether 2 issues.

SwingLibrary 1.5.1

SwingLibrary 1.5.1 fixes a critical bug that prevented library from working if it was in a path with spaces. It also adds keywords to check if component is visible on page and to scroll a component into view.

All fixes and enhancements in 1.5.1:

ID Priority Summary
Issue 25 Critical SwingLibrary does not work from a path with spaces in it
Issue 23 Medium Support scrolling

Altogether 2 issues.

SwingLibrary 1.5.0

SwingLibrary 1.5.0 changes the "Select context" keyword to check that the new context is valid. The old behavior allowed using "Select context" for focusing to any component, even if that component was not a valid context. This is possibly backwards incompatible change, but fixing this should be as easy as changing the offending "Select context" calls to "Focus to component". The new maven distribution is also much smaller.

All fixes and enhancements in 1.5.0:

ID Priority Summary
Issue 22 Medium Select context should check that selected component is valid context
Issue 21 Medium Fix jarjar dependency
Issue 18 Medium Distribute in maven a version of library without the dependencies

Altogether 3 issues.

SwingLibrary 1.4.1

SwingLibrary 1.4.1 fixes a critical bug in the distribution package for SwingLibrary 1.4.

All fixes and enhancements in 1.4.1:

ID Priority Summary
Issue 17 Medium 1.4 distribution package is broken

Altogether 1 issue.

SwingLibrary 1.4

SwingLibrary 1.4 gets rid of a lot of dependencies, including Spring and Commons Logging.

All fixes and enhancements in 1.4:

ID Priority Summary
Issue 16 Medium Remove Spring and Commons-Logging from dependencies

Altogether 1 issue.

SwingLibrary 1.3

SwingLibrary 1.3 adds workarounds for a number of Jemmy bugs and also adds some new keywords. Note that some of the closed issues refer still to the old Google Code issue tracker.

All fixes and enhancements in 1.3:

ID Priority Summary
Issue 12 Medium Right Click on Component
Issue 10 Medium Pass some "JVM arguments" before using KW Launch Application
Issue 9 Medium Select Window or Select Dialog KW only works with the Title property
Issue 192 Medium "Select From List" keyword fails in the presence of a horizontal scroll bar
Issue 196 Medium Dialogs spawned by closed frame cannot be accessed
Issue 197 Medium "Type Into Table Cell" keyword holds down Enter key forever
Issue 199 Medium "Close Internal Frame" keyword sometimes maximizes it instead
Issue 202 Medium log4j errors written on standard error
Issue 193 Medium Close window should close the window for real
Issue 198 Medium Support other actions on internal frames

Altogether 10 issues.

SwingLibrary 1.2

SwingLibrary 1.2 improves documentation, adds a couple of small enhancements and greatly improves the stability of tests when run with virtual display.

This is the first release made while the project is hosted in GitHub and issues link to original issues in the Google Code tracker.

SwingLibrary 1.2 is released on Thursday, 15th September.

All fixes and enhancements in 1.2:

ID Type Impact Summary
Issue 191 Defect High Button clicked twice when using virtual display
Issue 186 Enhancement Medium Get Table Cell Value returns empty string from table cells with checkbox renderers
Issue 200 Enhancement Medium Create log4j configuration to get rid of import time warnings
Issue 194 Documentation Medium Add short description what "identifier" could be

Altogether 4 issues.