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Safecopter: The Quadcopter that Never Crashes

Safecopter uses an array of infrared time-of-flight 3D cameras to detect, map, and avoid objects around it. This project was built utilizing the ROS (Robot Operating System) framework. It was programmed with a combination of C++ and Python.

For more information about this project, check out my website at


The repository is a clone of my catkin_ws directory used in the development of the project. It does not contain the requirements/libraries it is built with.


The Safecopter folder holds the main project code. Within there, the src folder contains the C++ that does the processing on the data received from the 3D camera point clouds. The scripts folder contains Python files that tells the PixHawk software where to fly towards.


The pico_flexx_driver folder is a modified version of this ROS pico flexx driver. I used this modified version because there was a bug in the original version that didn't work with multiple cameras attached. My solution utilized a mutex lock to prevent multiple instances of the driver requesting data from the same camera.

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