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Configuration options:
--no-daemonize Don't daemonize the web server process
- -p, --port PORT The port to run web-puppet on
- Common options:
- -h, --help Display this screen
+ -p, --port PORT The port to run web-facter on
+ -c, --config FILE The file to load with configuration options
+ -h, --help Display this screenp
Note that in most setups the yaml directory containing the node information isn't readable
by all users, so you may need to run this as puppet or root.
+You can configure web-puppet using a configuration file, using the following format, and
+specifying the filename with the --config option above.
+ username=gilbert
+ password=george
+ port=3009
+ daemonize=true
+Note that the port and daemonize options will override those on the command line.
+The username and password options enable HTTP basic authentication using those details.

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