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RPC implementation for Nim based on msgpack4nim
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RPC implementation for Nim based on msgpack4nim created by @jangko.


Pre Requirement

Nimble package manager installed

Install Command

nimble install nimrpc


RPC Server

import nimrpc/rpc_server, nimrpc/rpc_type, asyncnet, asyncdispatch, msgpack

# Define your remote proc
# Remote porc must have two params, first is input, second is output (so it's var param).
# Return value must be an int as error code, for example, 0 for success, -1 for error.
proc remoteAdd(param: tuple[v1: int, v2: int], ret: var int): int =
  ret = param.v1 + param.v2
  result = 0

# Create the server
# Currently procs must be resgistered before rpc server starts running.
# Running time proc register will be added in later version
var server = newRpcServer("", Port(4343)) # server listen to
server.register("add", remoteAdd) # register remoteAdd to RPC server binding name "add"
asyncCheck # run RPC server

RPC Client

import nimrpc/rpc_client, nimrpc/rpc_type, net, asyncdispatch

proc main =
  var client = newRpcClient("", Port(4343)) # client send request to
  var ret: int
  var state ="add", (1, 2), ret) # client remote call add
  # Check remote call state first, only process ret value when state == Correct
  if state == Correct:
    echo($state) # output: Correct
    echo($ret) # output: 3

if isMainModule == true:

RPC Async Client

Due to nim compiler bug, async client is not supported currently. It will be added in later version once the bug gets fixed.

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