A simple 2D Android Game based on cocos-2d lirbrary and implemented in C++ using Android NDK
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Mole It

  • A simple 2D Android game based on cocos-2d library.

  • This game has been developed as a learning app with the help of a Tutorial on Android Game Development by Lynda.com.

  • The base classes of this game are written in C++ using Android NDK.

  • .apk file is in apk folder. Download it and install on any android device.


  • You have to kill all the moles before they eat up your carrot garden.
  • There is also an alien skin in which you have to destroy all the alien ships before they invade yours.


  • Home Home

  • GamePlay (Moles Skin) Gameplay1

  • Gameplay 2 (Mole Skin) Gameplay 2

  • Game Over Game Over

  • Game Play 3 (Alien Skin) Gameplay 3