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Travis CI recipe for Emacs libraries.
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Travis CI recipe for Emacs libraries.

Travis Grid


  • Add the included .travis.yml and Makefile to your Emacs project on GitHub.

  • Adapt the make test target to your taste.

  • Create an account on, and follow the instructions there to enable builds.

  • Edit to match your account if desired.

  • Add [![Build Status](,staging,production)]( to your Markdown README file.


The .travis.yml file included here supports

Emacs 22
Emacs 23
Emacs 24 (stable)
Emacs 24 (snapshot)

By default, the Emacs 23 and 24 environments are expected to build and test your library successfully. Emacs 22 and Emacs 24 (snapshot) are permitted to fail. See the allow_failures: section to change this.

It is not required to use the included example Makefile, but the .travis.yml file expects working targets for make test and make downloads. (The downloads target fetches dependencies needed to run tests.) You must either

  1. provide these targets, or
  2. replace the make commands in .travis.yml with new build/test commands. See the script and before_script sections. The before-script may be removed entirely.


An XEmacs 21 runtime is also included, but commented out. The included Makefile and test frameworks are also not compatible with XEmacs.

See Also

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