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This repository contains the content of the book Getting Started With Ledger.
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Getting Started With Ledger - The Book

Getting Started With Ledger is an introductory book for the excellent command line accounting tool Ledger.

The book covers:

  • The basics of (double entry) accounting.
  • Installing & running basic Ledger.
  • Setting up a fully automatic environment for production use.
  • Integrating external data (CSV from banks etc.) into the journal.
  • Generating the usual reports about one's financial situation automatically.
  • Advanced topics like automated transactions (briefly).

Get the book

Go the the Releases page and download the PDF file.

You can also browse the latest version on GitHub.

Get the latest version

$ mkdir -p ~/src && cd ~/src
$ git clone
$ cd GSWL-book
$ make pdf # use pandoc to generate LaTeX & PDF file
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