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Since commit 440a357, it is possible to unmount by simply killing the
mount process.

rsshfs (reverse sshfs) allows to mount a local folder to a remote host using sshfs.



On the local host:

  • openssh-sftp-server

On the remote host:

  • sshfs
  • fuse

The user on the remote host must be in the group fuse:

addgroup "$USER" fuse  # and reconnect the session

Mount a folder

sshfs can mount a remote folder to a local one:

sshfs server:/remote/folder /local/folder

In the same way, rsshfs can mount a local folder to a remote one:

./rsshfs /local/folder server:/remote/folder

It is possible to mount it in read-only mode:

./rsshfs /local/folder server:/remote/folder -o ro

Contrary to sshfs, as rsshfs acts as a server, it does not return until the remote folder is unmounted.


For unmounting:

./rsshfs -u server:/remote/folder

It should make the mounting command finish.

Or more simply, by pressing Ctrl+C in the terminal of the mount command.