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This minivimrc started its life as a very small vimrc I put together while working on a friend's dedicated server. Since then, it slowly became a sophisticated but compact vimrc that—with only a bit under 100 LOC—provides me many useful and opinionated improvements to Vim's defaults without depending on any third-party or perverting my favorite editor's philosophy and design.

Don't use it if you don't understand what's in there!


  • filetype detection and syntax highlighting
  • a minimal set of useful defaults
  • automatic opening of the quickfix/location window
  • easy spaces ↔︎ tabs manual switching
  • mappings for juggling with files
  • mappings for juggling with buffers
  • mappings for juggling with definitions (definition-search, tags)
  • mappings for juggling with matches (include-search)
  • mappings for juggling with quickfix entries
  • mappings for smoothing out search and replace
  • mappings for smoothing out the use of list-like commands
  • mappings for a better command-line
  • mappings for a more intuitive completion menu
  • a more useful :Grep command
  • simplistic brace expansion
  • small colorscheme tweaks