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Eclipse plugin for Apache Pig
Java Xtend
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The project has been moved to Hue, which now offers a Web editor for editing and submitting Pig scripts:
The new editor has more functionalities and I recommend it instead of the Eclipse plugin.

Hue is open source and also offers many more other editors and makes Hadoop easier to use. Feel free to email for any questions.


Eclipse update site: (shows 404 but works when adding it as a repository in Eclipse)

Goal: I have been using the nice lightweight Pig Eclipse plugin on 
(and not so much the "heavy weight" PigPen) but was wondering if it was possible to do something 
more similar to what Eclipse is doing with Java:

   * automatic error highlighting 
   * check alias name existence 
   * auto complete 
   * outline 
   * ...
There is still a lot to improve and there might be some false positive errors highlighted
(trying to be in sync with Pig 0.10 without Macros and Python UDF for now), but feel free to send me your 
feedback/scripts/pull requests.

For using:
Eclipse 3.6 Helios with Xtext 2.2.1 (bottom line to check)
Eclipse 3.7 Indigo

For building:
Eclipse Helios 3.7 
Xtext 2.0+

Most important file is the Xtext grammar in org.apache.pigeditor/src: org.apache.pigeditor.Pig.xtext

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