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Notebooks for the TF-TRT benchmarks I ran on the Nano and Pi 4.
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TensorFlow and TF-TRT benchmarks

Setup and running details are on my blog.


The notebooks were based on this excellent article.

On my workstation

I started by following Chengwei Zhang's recipe. I trained the model on my workstation using and then copied trt_graph.pb from my workstation to the Pi 4.

Raspberry Pi 4

I used a virtual environment created with pipenv, and installed jupyter and pillow.

I downloaded and installed this unofficial wheel.

I tried to run step2.ipynb and encountered an import error. This turned out to be an old TensorFlow bug resurfacing.

The maintainer of the wheel will fix the problem when time permits, but I used a simple workaround.

I used cd pipenv --venv to go to the location of the virtual environment, and then ran cd lib/python3.7/site-packages/tensorflow/contrib/ to move to the location of the offending file

The problem lines are

if != "nt" and platform.machine() != "s390x":
  from tensorflow.contrib import cloud

These try to import cloud from tensorflow.contrib, which isn't there and fortunately isn't needed :)

I replaced the second line with pass using

sed -i  '/from tensorflow.contrib import cloud/s/^/    pass # commented out - RJC >>>/'

and captured the timings.

Later, I ran raw-mobile-netv2.ipynb to see how long it took to run the training session, and to save the model and frozen graph on the Pi.

Jetson Nano

I used the Nano that I had configured for my series on Getting Started with the Jetson Nano; it had tensorflow, pillow and jupyer lab installed.

I found that I could not load the saved/imported trt_graph.pb on the Nano.

Since running the original training stage on the Pi did not take as long as I'd expected, I ran step1.ipynb on the nano and used the locally created trt_graph.pb file which loaded OK.

Then I ran step2.ipynb and captured the timings which I published.

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