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Braintree iOS plug-in for Phone Gap

Plugin to use native Braintree SDK within PhoneGap framework projects

Integration instructions

  1. Add iOSBraintreePhoneGapPlugin.[h|m] to your project (Plugins group).
  2. Copy BrainTreePayment.js to your project's www folder
  3. Add the following to your config.xml:
    <plugin name="BraintreePlugin" value="iOSBraintreePhoneGapPlugin" />


function callWebService(){

    var BTPayment = window.plugins.btreeplugin;

    function onGetCardInfoSuccess (successObject) {

        var cardData;
        // Verifying is we got encrypted card infor or token
        if (successObject.cardInfoEncrypted) {
          cardData = successObject.cardInfoEncrypted;
        } else if (successObject.token) {
          cardData = successObject.token;
        } else {
  		// do something
        // Communicating with the remote server
        $.post("your endpoint", cardData, function(data) {
          console.log('server returned sucess' + JSON.stringify(data));

        // Received response from Braintree servers
        // now can dismiss the view


    function onGetCardInfoError (errorObject) {
         console.log('onGetCardInfoError: ' + errorObject);


Known Issues

If you use PhoneGap's tools to generate project you may need to enable ARC in build settings if you experienced crash when trying to enter credit card number