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romnn's sphinx press theme

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See a live demo.

This is a fork of the original sphinx_press_theme, which is a modern and responsive theme for python's Sphinx documentation generator.

The theme is based on VuePress and uses Vue.js+ Stylus with webpack.


First install the theme:

pip install romnnn_sphinx_press_theme

To use the theme, set the theme name to press in your sphinx project's

html_theme = "press"

For more information, see the Sphinx theming docs.


  1. Build the web assets:

    cd ui
    npm run build

    The generated theme.css, theme.js and theme-vendors.js will be linked into the theme under romnn_sphinx_press_theme/static.

  2. Install theme locally:

    pip install -e .
  3. Review the theme by building the theme's documentation under docs/:

    make docs

    Generated html will be in docs/build/html.


  • Vue 54.5%
  • HTML 16.8%
  • Stylus 12.2%
  • Python 7.8%
  • JavaScript 6.0%
  • CSS 2.2%
  • Makefile 0.5%