Daily Grooves is a simple music discovery service, featuring a single YouTube playlist refreshed & shuffled daily from hand-picked sources.
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Daily Grooves

Daily Grooves is a keep-it-simple music discovery service, featuring a single YouTube playlist refreshed & shuffled daily from hand-picked sources, resulting in no-nonsense instant serendipitous ear delicacy.

DailyGrooves screenshot

Technically, it is a tiny Python2.7 Google App Engine app serving a single static page displaying a YouTube playlist iframe. Each day, a new playlist is created by a GAE cron job firing a Task that crawls a list of sources for embedded/linked videos, shuffles them, and inserts them into a YouTube playlist via the Python API.

Usage / Installation

If you do not want to use my DailyGrooves instance, you can roll your own:

  1. Get a GAE instance and a YouTube API access.
  2. Clone this repository.
  3. Extract the latest google-api-python-client-gae-x.y.zip into the dailygrooves app folder (the apiclient, httplib2, oauth2client, uritemplate, gflags.py, gflags_validators.py files & folders must live next to dailygrooves.py).
  4. Download and install the latest Google App Engine SDK for Python.
  5. Adjust your instance parameters:
    1. From the API Access section of your Google APIs Console, obtain your client_secrets.json file, and extract it to the dailygrooves app subfolder, next to dailygrooves.py.
    2. Tweak the cron update time in cron.yaml to your liking.
    3. Put your sources in SOURCE_URLS. Sources can be any kind of text, I'm not requiring any format (HTML, RSS, whatever), I just read text and run a regex on it.
  6. Deploy with python2 /path/to/your/appcfg.py update /path/to/dailygrooves/dailygrooves/
  7. Trigger an initial manual crawl by opening YOURAPPURL/fetch in your browser (necessary to cache an OAuth2 refresh token), and ensure 2 hours later that your cron job runs fine.

As of November 2015, DailyGrooves runs fine on Python 2.7 / GAE 1.9.28 / GAE-Python-Client 1.1.

Getting involved

Bug Reports and Pull Requests are welcome via GitHub.

License / contact

Licensed under the MIT license, 2013-2015, ronan@jouchet.fr / @ronjouch.