World Dynamic Engine - A 3D graphics engine for Pharo
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Woden - World Dynamic Engine

A 3D graphics engine for Pharo


3D Graphics Card

Woden communicates with the 3D graphics via the abstract-gpu abstraction layer.

Windows and Linux

Woden on windows requires a modern graphics card with support for at least one of the following two graphics APIs:

  • Vulkan
  • OpenGL 4.5


Woden on OS X requires a Mac with support for the Metal API.

Native libraries

The native has a dependency on some native libraries. These native libraries are being built on CI (Travis, Appveyor), and deployed into bintray. The Python script takes care of downloading the latest version of these native libraries.

Dependencies for loading Woden manually

For loading a Woden image manually by using the Python script, the following dependencies are required:

  • Python 2.7
  • Git

Loading Woden

The easy way to load Woden 2 consists in executing the python scripty. On Linux and OS X, this script can be executed by running the following in bash:


On Windows the Python script can be executed by double clicking on, after having Python 2.7 and Git installed. For the script succeed, git must be available in the local user PATH environment variable (i.e: you must be able to call git by just writing git in the command line).

The script will take care of downloading all of the dependencies that are used by Woden, the Pharo VM, the Pharo image, the Pharo source. After downloading the required dependencies, this script will take of loading a clean Pharo image with Woden, which will be saved as woden.image

./ woden.image

Woden samples

For checking the Woden samples, you should check the class side of WDASceneExamples for some examples, or you can just run the following script for blue window:

model := WDAModel new.
model openWith: (WDASolidColorViewSample new color: Color blue)

Bug reporting

For bug reporting, use the GitHub issue tracker at the Woden repository