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Sage 10.0.0-beta.1

@retlehs retlehs released this
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What's changed

Major changes

  • feat(assets): Change default CSS framework to Tailwind
  • feat(deps): Sunset sage-lib and transition over to Acorn. (#2122)
  • feat(view): Implement Blade Composers – a native, robust, more powerful solution to "Controllers" used in Sage 9.
  • feat(assets): Change asset build system to Laravel Mix. (#2172)

Additional changes

  • enhance(assets): Refactor and simplify the stylesheet and script stubs.
  • enhance(assets): Shorter pattern for purge files (#2722)
  • enhance(blocks): Implement block editor support.
  • enhance(ci): Change from CircleCI to GitHub actions
  • enhance(filters): Remove required template filters from the theme as they are now handled automatically by Acorn.
  • enhance(functions): Improve the functions.php autoloader implementation.
  • enhance(handler): Implement Whoops support for better error handling during development.
  • enhance(theme): Add theme support for custom-line-height
  • enhance(theme): Add theme support for custom-units
  • enhance(theme): Add theme support for editor-gradient-presets, editor-font-sizes, disable-custom-colors, disable-custom-gradients, disable-custom-font-sizes, custom-spacing
  • enhance(theme): Disable full-site editing support (#2692)
  • enhance(theme): Implement necessary starter project boilerplate for Acorn.
  • enhance(theme): Move core theme files back to the theme root (index.php, functions.php, etc.) for better plugin & child theme compatibility.
  • enhance(theme): Remove theme support for default block patterns
  • enhance(theme): Restructure project directories to mirror Laravel for use with Acorn.
  • enhance(view): Add "skip to content" link (#2622)
  • enhance(view): Improve the readability and syntax of the default Blade views.
  • chore(config-log): use generic application.log
  • chore(deps): Bump dependencies including Bootstrap, jQuery, etc.
  • chore(deps): Bump PHP requirement to 7.2.5.
  • chore(deps): Bump WordPress requirement to 5.2.
  • chore(deps): optimize tailwind's purgecss dirs
  • chore(deps): Update config files to reflect Acorn.
  • chore(theme): Fix docblock link
  • chore(theme): Move custom-spacing up for visibility
  • chore(theme): Remove specificity from custom-units theme support
  • chore(theme): Remove various configuration files that are no longer in use.
  • chore(theme): Reorder actions inside of the after_setup_theme hook by usefulness
  • fix(assets): use PhpAsset::load()
  • fix(bootstrap): use static bootloader to prevent rebooting
  • fix(composer): use proper wp cli command name (#2636)
  • fix(config-view): use acorn helper functions
  • fix(deps): Remove wildcards from .copyDirectory() in webpack.mix.js
  • Fix/add translators comment (#2716)
  • Make jQuery 3.5.1 a peer dependency (#2721)
  • Remove deprecated jQuery .ready() syntax (#2738)
  • Remove redundant x-ua-compatible meta tag (#2742)
  • Use menu name as accessible name of <nav> (#2814)
  • Enable Webpack 5's automatic unique naming (#2745)

Sage 10.0.0-beta.1 contributors: @Log1x @retlehs @QWp6t @TangRufus @knowler @dsturm @huubl @joshuafredrickson @strarsis @greghunt