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Laravel components for WordPress plugins and themes

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Acorn is an open source project and completely free to use. If you've benefited from our projects and would like to support our future endeavors, please consider sponsoring Roots.

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Acorn is a framework for integrating Laravel within WordPress.

Supported components

Component Support Notes
illuminate/bus 🟢
illuminate/cache 🟢
illuminate/collections 🟢
illuminate/conditionable 🟢
illuminate/config 🟢
illuminate/console 🟢
illuminate/container 🟢
illuminate/contracts 🟢
illuminate/database 🟢
illuminate/encryption 🟢
illuminate/events 🟢
illuminate/filesystem 🟢
illuminate/hashing 🟢
illuminate/http 🟢
illuminate/log 🟢
illuminate/macroable 🟢
illuminate/pipeline 🟢
illuminate/queue 🟢
illuminate/routing 🟢
illuminate/session 🟢
illuminate/support 🟢
illuminate/validation 🟢
illuminate/view 🟢
Additional components  
Component Support Notes
illuminate/auth 🔴
illuminate/broadcasting 🔴
illuminate/cookie 🔴
illuminate/mail 🔴
illuminate/notifications 🔴
illuminate/pagination 🔴 Available via Log1x/pagi
illuminate/redis 🔴
illuminate/testing 🔴
illuminate/translation 🔴

Getting Started

See the Acorn installation documentation.

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