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Miscellaneous organization tooling

👋 Welcome to the rOpenSci Project on GitHub. Our repositories are currently distributed across a few different organizations.

You can explore our resources page to find what you're after, it includes a list of all our GitHub organizations.

Also refer to our code of conduct.


  1. rotemplate Public

    pkgdown template for rOpenSci packages 💅

    R 23 6

  2. rOpenSci Blog Guidelines for Authors and Editors (bookdown::git_book)

    R 9 4

  3. rOpenSci Community Contributing Guide

    TeX 4 4

  4. Proposing and discussing ideas for Community Calls

    19 2

  5. Code to create rOpenSci package registry

    R 4 1

  6. buffy Public

    Forked from openjournals/buffy

    Editorial bots generator

    Ruby 1 2



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