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Industrial MoveIt

Note:: the STOMP packages were recently removed from this repository. They are hosted over at ros-industrial/stomp_ros now.

ROS Distro Support

Indigo Jade Kinetic
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Status supported supported supported
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Travis - Continuous Integration

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License License

ROS Buildfarm

Indigo Source Indigo Debian Jade Source Jade Debian Kinetic Source Kinetic Debian
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  • Build the workspace:
    • Cd into the catkin workspace directory and type the following command:
catkin build

Unit Test

  • Run all of industrial_moveit unit tests:
    • Cd into the catkin workspace directory and type the following command:
catkin run_tests 
  • Run the stomp_core unit tests:
catkin run_tests stomp_core

Stomp Moveit Demo

  • Run the demo

    • Run the demo.launch file
    roslaunch industrial_moveit_test_moveit_config demo.launch
    • In the Rviz Motion Planning planel, select rail_start_pose from the dropdown menu under "Select Start State" and click Update
    • In Rviz, select rail_end_pose from the dropdown menu under "Select Goal State" and click Update
    • Click Plan in order to generate a motion plan.

Configure Stomp

  • Locate the the stomp planner configuration file
    • roscd into the industrial_moveit_test_moveit_config package and locate the "stomp_config.yaml" file under the config directory
  • Rerun demo.launch file and plan once again to see how the changes affect the planner's behavior.

Seeding Stomp

The STOMP planner works through optimization: it starts with a given trajectory, called the seed, and iteratively attempts to improve it. This seed is set:

  1. By default, it is set to the joint interpolated path between the start and end joint configurations.
  2. If you wish, you can set your own seed trajectory.

The StompPlanner class works off of the moveit_msgs/MotionPlanRequest message type which does not provide an interface for seeds. Until that is added, we bastardize the unused MotionPlanRequest::trajectory_constraints field to serve this purpose. Use the StompPlanner::encodeSeedTrajectory(const trajectory_msgs::JointTrajectory& seed) static function to do this:

StompPlanner planner = makeStompPlanner(); // However you initialize
planning_interface::MotionPlanRequest request;

// set your nominal goals, start conditions, etc...

trajectory_msgs::JointTrajectory seed_traj; // Look up your seed traj
request.trajectory_constraints = StompPlanner::encodeSeedTrajectory(seed_traj);

// Call the planning service or the planner itself

MotionPlanResponse res;

There is no current way to set this through the MoveGroupInterface class.

[ROS wiki]:
[ConstrainedIK]: [Stomp MoveIt!]: