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Transforms sensor_msgs/Imu messages into new coordinate frames using tf
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imu_pipeline 0.2.3 Jan 30, 2019
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imu_transformer 0.2.3 Jan 30, 2019 Refactor imu_pipeline into a metapackage, add imu_transformer node/no… Jan 29, 2015

IMU Pipeline metapackage includes tools for processing and pre-processing IMU messages for easier use by later subscribers.


Transforms sensor_msgs/Imu and sensor_msgs/MagneticField messages into new coordinate frames using tf2


Includes misc preprocessors for IMU data:

  • imu_integrator: Simple planar imu integration tool.
  • imu_bias_remover: Tool to recalibrate imu bias based on /cmd_vel or /odom
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