ROS stack for the ROSflight autopilot
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This repository contains the ROS stack for interfacing with an autopilot running the ROSflight firmware. For more information on the ROSflight autopilot firmware stack, visit

The following sections describe each of the packages contained in this stack.


This is a metapackage for grouping the other packages into a ROS stack.


This package contains the ROSflight message and service definitions.


This package contains the rosflight_io node, which provides the core functionality for interfacing an onboard computer with the autopilot. This node streams autopilot sensor and status data to the onboard computer, streams control setpoints to the autopilot, and provides an interface for configuring the autopilot.


This package contains additional supporting scripts and libraries that are not part of the core ROSflight package functionality. This package also helps support the ros_plane and ros_copter projects.