A Swift/Objective-C Ouroboros
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This is a Swift/Objective-C ouroboros.

An ouroboros is a type of quine where the programs will print each other in a loop - in this case, the Swift code prints the Objective-C program, and the Objective-C program in turn prints the Swift program. They can loop forever, producing exactly the same source code for each other.

I wrote this as a celebration of Swift 3 being officially released, since these are two languages that are near and dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy it!

##How to use this:


Simply run

swift ouroboros.swift to obtain the Objective-C code.


Compile the Objective-C source with this command

clang -fobjc-arc -F/System/Library/Frameworks ouroboros.m -o objc_ouroboros

then run it like this to obtain the Swift code


###Writing to File from Command Line

You can redirect the output of a program into a file like this

swift ouroboros.swift > ouroboros.m


./objc_ouroboros > ouroboros.swift