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Note: The official repositiory for trace-cmd and KernelShark is here:


For bug reports and issues, please file it here:

These files make up the code that create the trace-cmd programs.
This includes the GUI interface application kernelshark as well
as trace-graph and trace-view.

These files also make up the code to create the libtracecmd library.

The applications are licensed under the GNU General Public License 2.0
(see COPYING) and the libraries are licensed under the GNU
Lesser General Public License 2.1 (See COPYING.LIB).


In order to install build dependencies on Debian / Ubuntu do the following:
    sudo apt-get install build-essential git pkg-config -y
    sudo apt-get install libtracefs-dev libtraceevent-dev -y

In order to install build dependencies on Fedora, as root do the following:
    dnf install gcc make git pkg-config -y
    dnf install libtracefs-devel libtraceevent-devel -y

In case your distribution does not have the required libtracefs and
libtraceevent libraries, build and install them manually:

    git clone
    cd libtraceevent
    sudo make install

    git clone
    cd libtracefs
    sudo make install

To make trace-cmd

To make the gui
    make gui


To install trace-cmd
    make install

To install the gui
    make install_gui

To install libtracecmd libraries
    make install_libs

Note: The default install is relative to /usr/local
    The default install directory is /usr/local/bin
    The default plugin directory is /usr/local/lib/trace-cmd/plugins

To change the default, you can set 'prefix', eg
mkdir $HOME/test-trace
make prefix=$HOME/test-trace
make prefix=$HOME/test-trace install