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  1. unity3d-package-syncer

    A command line utility that synchronizes asset files from npm packages into an appropriate directory of a game project that is made using the Unity game engine. Please read through the readme befor…

    JavaScript 22 3

  2. unity3d-reorderable-list

    List control for Unity allowing editor developers to add reorderable list controls to their GUIs.

    C# 53 9

  3. unity3d-tile-system

    A tile system extension for the Unity game engine supporting 2D and 3D tiles.

    C# 24 7

  4. unity3d-package-example

    An example npm package that contains some example assets to demonstrate how to create a package for use in games made using the Unity game engine.

    JavaScript 1

  5. unity3d-ordered-dictionary

    Library for adding ordered dictionaries to custom `ScriptableObject` and `MonoBehaviour` classes in a way that can be serialized by Unity provided that the key and value types are serializable.

    C# 15 1

  6. github-wiki-from-markdown-book

    Generates Github wiki from a book of markdown topics.


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