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Terribly Tiny Tales

This is an assignment for the application to Terribly Tiny Tales for their Software Engineering Internship for summer 2018.

  • The text is first web-scraped using requests, cleaned and put into data-structure
  • Uses trie data-structure to store the words (and their breakups)
  • Uses list-of-lists to store the word set (word, frequency)
  • Flask web-sever to render the content to HTML tables

Local usage

git clone https://github.com/rounakdatta/terriblytinytales.git



  • First, the script scrapes the text file from here using requests module. The entire text is split into words and converted to lower case.
  • Then, the words are put into trie data-structure as well as added to the final_list [ Σ['key', 'count'] ] with count=0. Whenever there is a collision (the word exists), the final_list only is updated (count increased).
  • Apart from this, the trie data-structure implemented here has attributes data (char), list of children, branch_end, count and has functions for addition of data as well as finding if data exists.
  • To render a frontend to it, Flask is used. The API to the above algorithm is give_count(n) which is called from Flask app.py to get the final_list. To render it, tables.py converts it into HTML table and creates result.html (of course using os py-module) which is then displayed.

Here's a quick visualization of the trie data-structure :

                /     \
              a         b
            /   \       |
          ap     as     ba
          /\      |     / \
        app apk   ask  bac  bak
                        |     |
                       back  bake

Scripting and markup languages used : Python, HTML
Frameworks used : Flask
PaaS used : Heroku, PythonAnywhere


The demo is currently live at tttales.tk.
I've also made a blog post here.