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overlapping tilesources #48

michaeltyson opened this Issue · 13 comments

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I want to have two tilesources displayed at the same time on top of each other. I guess I want
RMMapContents to have a addTileSource, not setTileSource.


I am going to add this feature.


Waiting for this feature.


I am hoping to tackle something like this before too long, compositing tile layers in order as necessary. Currently, I've got a workaround solution that is much higher overhead by layering RMMapViews, passing touches through the top ones, juggling the overlay layer to the top-most one, and making pans & zooms to the bottom one pan & zoom the upper ones. Compositing images would be a much better approach here.


I've made a TileImageWithOverlay class that extends RMTileImage and takes 2 URL sources, one for the base and one for the (semitransparent) overlay. It then uses 2 WebTileImages to take care of the loading etc, and once it's loaded, it blends the 2 images into one and returns it.

I'd attach the sources to this comment if I knew how, but there doesn't seem to be an option for it. So if anyone is interested, contact me.


nyarlatoteph : i am using route-me for my project and have a requirement to overlap maps. can u send me the code for this.
my mail

thank you


Hey nyarlatoteph,
I'm also using route-me for my project and I need to overlay 1 web map source over another. It sounds like your code might be quite useful, could you send it to me?

My email is



Does anyone else have the code? I'd really appreciate it ASAP.


Hi Nyarlatoteph and cellininicholas,
I cant find the attached zip file. If you have got the source zip file please send it to me.

My email is

thank u


Thanks for the TileImageWithOverlay class BTW.

One recommendation:
You should add the custom method:

  • (void)connection:(NSURLConnection *)_connection didFailWithError:(NSError *)error to your WebTileImageClass

When it calls the RMWebTileImage method, unusual static tiles can be presented instead of retrying or failing when the download doesn't complete.
This was an issue that I ran into, just thought I would mention it.


Hi nyarlatoteph,
I need to overlay 1 web map source over another. Could you send it to me?

My email is


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