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Profit opportunities from trading between bots in Eternal Lands
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I noticed that sometimes a bot in Eternal Lands is selling an item for less than another bot is paying for that item, creating an opportunity for profit. This little project is an effort (just for fun) to systematically find the biggest opportunities. is a script to pull all items-related pages from the Eternal Lands Wiki. This takes a little over an hour; the results are stored locally (~80MB). processes the wiki scrapings down to a list of items and weights and stores them as weights.pkl. This file is provided here, so there should be no need to actually run or

opportunities.ipynb gets all current bot and NPC prices from here and lists the best profit-making opportunities.

summoning.ipynb is a later, separate, but closely related effort to make informed decisions about which game creatures are the most efficient means for gaining experience with the in-game skill of "summoning."

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