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Web Service to ConnectStats and Garmin Health API

Icon This is an implementation of a server for ConnectStats using php and mysql

This is intended to both provide and API to be registered from Garmin Health API and a server that can query the resulting saved data.

This is used by the app ConnectStats and is open source.

If you find an issue with security or ability to extract data not intended for the proper authorised user, please let me know.


Getting the code ready

Checkout the code in your web server directory, and copy/edit config.sample.php into config.php with the appropriate info, directory configurations and keys

If you want to also include weather data, you can obtain a key from darkSkyNet and add it to the config file.

You can clone this repository under multiple subdirectory with different configuration, for example, if your webserver base url is {baseurl}, you can have a directory dev and prod with different databases and keys

Getting the database ready

You'll need to setup a mysql database and enter the database name, host, user and password in the config.php file. When the api is called it will automatically setup the tables it needs.

Using the api with Garmin Health

Assuming a {baseurl} for your server, it will provide implementation for the following end point from the Garmin Health API:

End Point URL
Activities https://{baseurl}/api/garmin/activities
Manually Update Activities https://{baseurl}/api/garmin/activities
Activity Files https://{baseurl}/api/garmin/file
Deregistration https://{baseurl}/api/garmin/deregistration

Note that this is assuming your are using apache and using the .htaccess file in the distribution that redirect url to the corresponding file with php extension

Using the api from an app

In order to you the server, your app should run an oauth authentification from garmin as described in the API documentation and call the server via the api point https:{baseurl}/api/connectstats/user_register. This will make sure the user information is recorded in the database so the server can process and authenticate call back from the garmin API. There are two major call back to use from then on.

Each entry point will need to be authenticated with the same oauth 1.0 methodology as authenticating callback from the garmin API. The authentication will need to match the keys recorded by the user-register call for the corresponding token_id.

List of activities

You can then use the https:{baseurl}/api/connectstats/search entry point to obtain list of activities for the user.

Fit File

You can use the https:{baseurl}/api/connectstats/file entry point to obtain the fit file, if available, for the corresponding activity_id.

External Dependencies

This project uses phpFITFileAnalysis.php for parsing FIT files in php and phpliteadmin for convenience to look at data in bug reports.


Implementation of a web service for ConnectStats and Garmin Health API








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