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Createrepo_c is a C implementation of the classical Createrepo tool and simultaneously a C library for manipulation with a repodata. Createrepo_c provides Python bindings too, so could be easily used instead of yum library for certain kinds of manipulations with repodata.


  • Speed - Implementation in C has a massive positive impact to the speed.
  • Compatibility - Createrepo_c tries to be as much compatible as possible (100% compatibility is goal). But there could be some little differences - Check the - "Differences in behavior between createrepo_c and createrepo" for details.

Development with createrepo_c library

Createrepo_c is not only C implementation of the classical Createrepo. It is also a library providing C and Python API as well.

  • Check out some example scripts which use the Createrepo_c python bindings.
  • Interested in the latest reference documentation? Build the sources and use make doc to generate both, C and Python, documentation to the doc/ subdir.
  • C header files are documented by the Doxygen style
  • Python bindings uses a Sphinx
  • Thanks to this commenting approach, you have a documentation always at hand (in C header files/via python help() function)

Some specific topics


Could be found at examples directory


Development of the Createrepo_c library

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