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### MM Carver Framework Invocation ###
# Rainer Poisel (, 09052012

# Preamble

This framework has been tested with Debian GNU/Linux only. But it
should also work with Ubuntu Linux and other .deb based distributions. 

# Starting the framework

As the python script requires some external libraries (and wrappers which are
also available as shared objects) running the framework requires some
environmental variables to be set. The following line has to be executed in
order to start the framework:

$ ./mmc_gui.local

# Building static binaries from the source-code

Python scripts can be compiled into stand-alone executables. All dependencies
like dynamic link libraires (even ctype-ones) are also compiled in. 

Use the provided Makefile as follows:
$ make -j static

Manually, the following procedure is necessary:
 * Install PyInstaller:
 * Setup LD_LIBRARY_PATH to enable PyInstaller to find your libraries:
   $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/rpoisel/svn/mmc/trunk/collating/fragment
 * Compile the binary:
   $ python --onefile -o /tmp/mmc /home/rpoisel/svn/mmc/trunk/
 * Add data files:
   $ svn export /home/rpoisel/svn/mmc/trunk/data /tmp/mmc/dist/data
 * Delete unnecessary files and directories:
   $ rm -rf /tmp/mmc/data/frags_ref
   $ rm -rf /tmp/mmc/data/{animation,png,jpeg}
 * Bundle the whole thing:
   $ tar -cjpf /tmp/mmc/mmc.tar.bz2 -C /tmp/mmc/dist .

# Caveats

None at the moment. ;-)

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