Bootstrap theme featuring powerful color scheme controls and a flat design
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1pxdeep: Bootstrap Theme. Exudes color. Oozes flat.

Copyright Rex Riepe 2013

Code licensed under Apache License v2.0, documentation under CC BY 3.0.

Demo & Documentation

Use the Bootstrap version of LESS.

Include scheme.less anywhere.

Include 1pxdeep.less after all Bootstrap LESS.

Integration with other projects

JBST 1pxdeep Theme

JBST is a powerful theme framework that can be used as a standalone website builder or as a framework to create child themes for WordPress build on Twitter's Bootstrap 3. Full customizable with LESS. Relative color design is designing by relative visual weight, or designing with color schemes. 1pxdeep brings that concept to Bootstrap and this the JBST 1pxdeep Theme brings it to WordPress.