The Rails Fixture Sets plugin (not my code, I only put it here on GitHub). It's as it was in 2006 when I used it with an Rails 1.3.x app.
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Rails Fixture Sets

The Rails Fixture Sets plugin attempts to solve a common problem with core Rails fixtures: inflexibility. Once your application grows,
maintaining your fixtures becomes a hassle and reproducing bugs in tests becomes very cumbersome. Fixture sets aims to free you of this trend by providing sandboxed, named sets of fixtures that are produced against a development/production database from a pure Ruby
specification file. Here is how it works:
	1. Generate a new fixture set via script/generate fixture_set
	2. Tweak the specification file such that it can build your testing environment via simple ActiveRecord find statements. (see below)
	3. Build the YAML fixtures for your new fixture set via rake test:fixture_sets:scan
	4. Utilize the fixture set in 1 or more test files via the class method 'fixture_set'
The fixture sets can be very broad or narrow, depending on your needs. But keep in mind that the larger the data set, the slower
it will be when loading.

Rake Tasks - These tasks are used for managing fixture sets.
rake test:fixture_sets:scan [RAILS_ENV=development] - Scan for new fixture sets without YAML files
rake test:fixture_sets:rebuild [RAILS_ENV=development] - Rebuild fixture sets by evaluating the spec and replacing the YAML files
	- Confirms each spec rebuild
	- Confirmation can be suppressed with FORCE=yes
	- Specify only certain sets with ONLY=set1,set2
	- Specify an alternate database to rebuild against with RAILS_ENV=production
Fixture Set Generator - Used to create a new fixture set specification.
./script/generate fixture_set dashboard
Creates	test/fixture_sets/dashboard/dashboard_fixture_set.rb

Example spec: = User.find_by_username('blake')
FixtureSet.define('dashboard') do |set|
	set.spaces =
	set.users = []
	set.pages = Page.with_scope(Scopings.in_my_spaces) { Page.find(:all) }
	set.visits = Visit.find_all_by_user(

Test Generator - Generates a new one-off test class against a given fixture set.
./script/generate test multiple_categorization_bug [fixture_set] (Default: base)
Creates test/misc/multiple_categorization_bug_test.rb

Example test:
class MultipleCategorizationBugTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
	fixture_set :dashboard

The :base fixture_set indicates that all fixtures from the default test/fixtures directory should be loaded.