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Future plans #27

Yuyz0112 opened this issue Dec 31, 2018 · 5 comments


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@Yuyz0112 Yuyz0112 commented Dec 31, 2018

I have already described something we would like to add into rrweb in the README, but all of that is about the internal implementations. So I would like to share some high-level opinions about rrweb's future in this issue, and of course, any feedback is appreciated.

First I would not like to add too many built-in functions about analytics, maybe most of the feature requests can be done via a custom event option.

But some something like the heatmap may be added into rrweb-player soon because the currently recorded data is already enough to implement it.

Besides user analytics, I'm more keen on the scenarios like combine rrweb with some E2E test frameworks and use rrweb to implement some demo tooling.

For example, we can use rrweb to record E2E test cases in CI, so developers no longer need to configure something like xvfb, ffmpeg, etc to do that. And personally, I use Cypress to test some projects, and I think it can use rrweb to replace its current DOM snapshot which may save a lot of memory.

There are already some demo tools have a similar concept of rrweb, but may only work in some specific situations. With rrweb, we may make some toolings like asciinema but for the web.

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@TimoSta TimoSta commented Jan 2, 2019

One major use case I can see and that I'd like to explore further is bug reproduction by our internal QA team.

We are currently in the situation that the communication between our mostly on-site dev team and our mostly off-site QA team is less than optimal, and reported issues mostly consist of more or less detailed free text descriptions of bugs. This is not a great situation, as it often leads to miscommunication and lost time.

Having our QA team record issues using rrweb and attach the recording to a bug ticket might make this process a lot more seamless.

To achieve this however, I see two points that could be improved:

  1. Usability for non-technical end users: I'd like to give any user the ability to start a recording of any web application, without explicitly integrating rrweb into said application (the repl approach seems to make this work), and without having to clone this project, without having git installed, and possibly even without explicitly having Node.js installed on their machine (potentially by writing a GUI around the repl or around a dedicated JS API? To ship it, maybe package the resulting bundle using pkg or something similar?)
  2. Notes and Highlights: Add the ability to manually add notes and highlights to a recording. Not quite sure how this can be achieved, both from a UX and from a technical standpoint. I think this might be very useful though. What I have in mind is something along the lines of what most screenshot tools offer:

What are your thoughts on this? Is this something that might be useful from your perspective, or should I rather explore this as a separate project, based on this one?


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@styfle styfle commented Jan 2, 2019

I too am interested in this tool for non-technical end users.

I wrote magnemite as a way to capture repro steps across page loads but it requires the end-user installing Electron which might not be possible if the user does not have administrative permissions.

rrweb looks like a really cool alternative!


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@Yuyz0112 Yuyz0112 commented Jan 4, 2019

I think the first part of a packaged tool for end users is something like rrweb + CLI or rrweb + electron or rrweb + browser extension.
And for the second part, the highlight is definitely worth to do.
Also, a flexible note tool is great. I'm wondering whether there is some open source canvas based annotation library we can use for this?


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@wolverine321 wolverine321 commented May 19, 2019

Hi @Yuyz0112, This rrweb is a great library. Recording sessions works like a charm using record and Replayer. Eagerly waiting for heatmap integration inside rrweb. Heatmap integration will make rrweb more robust. When are you planning to release heatmap integration?


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@wolverine321 wolverine321 commented May 19, 2019

Hi @Yuyz0112, is there any way we can add clickmaps like fullstory using rrweb library?

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