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ExampleGroup.its(:my_method) should create Example in which subject is modified #22

gsterndale opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Greg Sterndale David Chelimsky
Greg Sterndale

Calling subject inside the example_block should return a modified subject.

The first argument to its() should be a symbol representing a method name to be called on subject.

For example, the following should pass:

class Foo
  def bar; 'fizz'; end
describe Foo do
  its(:bar) { should == 'fizz' }

Accessing the subject in a before or after block should be on the implicit or explicit subject, NOT the modified subject. See

Greg Sterndale

The following commits demonstrate one possible implementation:

I'm sternicus on IRC. Hit me up if you'd like me to change anything.

David Chelimsky

I merged these commits to a branch and made some modifictations:

Feel free to comment on the commit

Greg Sterndale

Great! I add a couple minor comments in your commit. Thanks.

David Chelimsky

Closed by c2df11a

Tim Harper timcharper referenced this issue from a commit in timcharper/rspec-core
Greg Sterndale gsterndale ExampleGroup .its() creates new Example with a subject modifier
Closes #22
This issue was closed.
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