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User-space TCP/UDP port forwarding services
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User-space TCP/UDP port forwarding services


This project contains two applications: tcpfwd, udpfwd, which are for TCP and UDP port forwarding literally. Written in pure C, with libevent2 library.


tcpfwd|udpfwd <local_addr:local_port> <dest_addr:dest_port> [-d] [-o]
  -d              run in background
  -o              accept IPv6 connections only for IPv6 listener
  -p <pidfile>    write PID to file


Map local TCP port 1022 to
tcpfwd     # allow access from all hosts
tcpfwd   # only allow localhost
tcpfwd [::]:1022        # allow access to port 1022 via both IPv4 and IPv6
Map local UDP port 53 to
udpfwd [::]:53
IPv4-IPv6 transforming
udpfwd [::]:1701 localhost:1701         # add IPv6 support for a local L2TP service
tcpfwd [2001:db8:3::2]:80    # enable IPv4 access for an IPv6-only web service
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